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Originally from mid-Europe of subsistance farming background.Have been intrested in permaculture since the '70s..Have participated in multiple PDC's.I lived on a property outside of Melbourne for 25 years.While there I have experimented with permaculture techniques such as the design and building of a passive solar home.Water collection filtration and storage techniques.Human waste management,all facets of metal and woodworking as it may relate to a post apocaliptic scenario.A variety of tecniques  for food production processing and preservation

More recently i have participated in a two year full time Diplomea of Permaculture in Melbourne Australia.

As part of the coursework I designed and was part of the implementation team of small and large scale projects.

I have a broad range of permaculture interests.My major interest at the moment is the perfecting of the propagation of mushrooms,aerated compost tea, mycorrhizal associations,mycoremediation etc.I am in the process of developing a small scale clean room .This is needed to perfect the process of growing plants by the tissue culture method.Another use of the clean room and sterile techniques may be the multiplication of mushroom spores .This may be usefull for the growing of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms,the multiplication of fungal and bacterial spores .These processes may be usefull in mycoremediation and the production of aerated compost teas and bio fertilizers.If any of the above is of interst to you ,please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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Béla Beke
03 May 2013, 10:24
hi Daniel.Sorry for the late reply .Practically I have to use what is available locally for substrate that is repeatable. (as I am thinking commercial production long term)that would be hardwood sawdust and straw.I have spores for about 6 varieties oysters,two of shiitake and another four medicinal mushrooms.I wish to also experiment with other edible mushrooms that live in symbiotic relationship with trees.Also wish to experiment with growing dried imported mushrooms.
Daniel B-L
14 February 2013, 14:23
yes! what sort of mushrooms are you growing and in what medium?
Daniel B-L
25 September 2012, 15:02
Hi Béla :) thanks for reaching out! I would love to touch base on shared interests and I look forward to doing so! D
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