This is a collection of our Student Associates' Project Output Packets.

These Project Reports have been made available by our Associates to share for common benefit. They reflect the wide diversity of topics and designs undertaken, and showcase the work that they have undertaken whilst studying at Gaia U.

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MSc Projects: Pre-Capstone and Capstone

  • Ava Klinger's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 3 - Marketing as a Means to Manifest Dreams looks into my dream of becoming a published author, and the dream of expanding Gaia University and focuses on using a realistic appraisal of what small efforts can be made now to manifest these dreams through marketing.
  • Charles Thibodeau's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 2 -  Discover how I navigated the parallel journeys of creating a business plan, launching a business, working with my first client, and developing my skillflexes.
  • Jackie Saorsail's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 2 -  This output packet is the story of how I began my quest toward regenerative organizational design.
  • Daniel Brodell-Lake and Teryl Chapel's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 4 - Reports what we have collectively learned about passive and active photovoltaic greenhouse design, specifically for the purpose of providing sustainable and controlled environments for producing organic food with Aquaponics.
  • Liam McDermott's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 3 -  I would like people to go away from this workshop or OP with a respect for the unseen microorganisms all around and within us, and a sense of knowing how to make cheese and keep bees.
  • Nicola Vosper's Capstone MSc OP 3 - The purpose of this output is to share my observations of deconstructing agroecology as a science; exploring its social, political, and economic contexts in relationship to scientific paradigms and practices

BSc Projects: Pre-Capstone and Capstone

  • Laura Kaestele's Pre-Capstone BSc OP 3 - Reports on the permaculture design at the M.A. Centre – Hof Herrenberg in Germany as part of the permaculture design course with Warren Brush. 
  •  Amelia Parisian's Pre-Capstone BSc OP 2 - Reports on the culmination of a year’s work designing, starting and running a class for home educated children that runs three days a week.
  • Jensen Buehler's Pre-Capstone BSc OP 4 - This output packet explores what community is, what makes a healthy one, and how we connect as humans.
  • Laura Kaestele's Capstone BSc OP2 - in the context of travelling in Southeast Asia I worked collaboratively in permaculture and community places on the practical implementation of sustainability on a personal, community and world level using action learning, hands-on work, experiments and design tools.

Diploma Projects:

  • Tommy Lehe's Precapstone IDPD OP2  - This output packet explores the emerging educational paradigm and presents a project design for a tool to embrace it. 
  • Tommy Lehe's Precapstone IDPD OP4 - A comprehensive study on patterns in nature specifically related to their connection with music and cymatic frequencies, as well as how we can relate this knowledge to our sense of identity and our role as designers. 
  • Nadia Attar's Pre-Capstone IDPD OP 5 - Reports on creating and spreading knowledge on home-composting. The core activity in this OP is producing a research paper in Arabic and English on composting, with special focus on home-composting