Output 5

Liberation Permaculture:

Radical Community Organising for Social Change

What is this output?

Welcome to Output 5 of the Capstone Year of my Bachelor's Degree with Gaia University.

This output explores my relationship to community organising. It is structured as:

  • Output Overview - how & why this output was designed.
  • 1. Radical Community Organising - A summary of my research findings & reflections of community organising
  • 2. Social Justice for Nonhumans - Exploring community organising for nonhumans
  • 3. Liberation Permaculture - Looking at the radical edges & relationships between permaculture, social justice & resistance movements
  • 4. Sustaining Resistance - My own inner explorations of organising & its relationship to burnout & my life path
  • Conclusion - Output outcomes & process reflection

This output follows the threads of my Zone 00 design, family smallholding design and deepens what I touched upon in my second output, designing for food sovereignty. Its content has emerged into clarity through the following processes:

*Asking what are my current project patterns? Urgent or important?

 I realised the main stumbling block to my decision making was that of the strategic pathway I would take in relation to my desire for social change. It was clear my organising patterns were 'setting the stage' for my life for example dominating my choice of projects, my roles within them, my livelihood and ultimately my future. Current patterns included can be found here.

*What are my unmet learning goals for the year?

I returned to my learning intentions & pathway design to see which goals I had not achieved and I reviewed these. It was clear my liberation permaculture interests were surfacing massively & a key unexplored thematic area for my output work.

*How could I stack functions with this output to reduce my workload?

With a significant project workload I wanted an output that could be as multifunctional as possible, not only improving my reflection & analysis to make my work more effective but also to save time & energy.

*What emotional challenges are surfacing in me at present?

I wanted to pay attention to non 'left-brain' reasons for doing output work, and use Gaia University as a tool to explore my inner self. How organising effects my relationships has been a constant challenge and so I wanted to set aside time to explore this at a deeper level.






Design Process Diagram

Pathway Reflections

How does this project fit into my pathway?

In my learning intentions and pathway design the main outputs I had planned included:

*Brook End - Designing for Self Reliance - was completed successfully and is an ongoing design & lifelong project

*Regenerative land use - this has now become the focus of my desired MSc due to its vast coverage

*Libertarian Food Systems - this emerged sooner than planned due to an escalation of organising around food sovereignty last autumn.

*Emerging organically was my Zone 00 Design over the winter months as I turned inward.

The remaining output that I had originally planned was Liberation Permaculture: Design frameworks for social justice. The original purpose is below:

This project aims to explore if and how permaculture can be applied to social struggle, not just in the forms of creating new ways of living but in challenging oppressive systems. Liberation permaculture explores if permaculture can offer tools towards ending all forms of domination.

However 'liberation permaculture' has morphed (by intention) into a wider scoped output about community organising in general and its role in my life, beginning with the first animal rights group I started when I was 10 years old.

Output 5 emerges from a whirlwind of community organising in an attempt to gain clarity and focus to help determine the most beneficial long term patterns of my future.

How was this output designed?

Below is a diagram of my output work.

*Arrow circles - depict the action learning process I have undertaken with each of these areas of my life. Inside the circles are the elements e.g. organisations or focuses.

*Purple - these are actual 'whole' designs I have been working on, for both Gaia Uni & my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

*Blue - describes the 'action' part of the learning process for example courses attended and activities undertaken.

*Black - These are the questions I have been reflecting on & exploring.

*Placement - the smaller circles are placed around the larger inner circle to depict that these focuses have been simultaneous and interwoven, while I may be taking action or implementing a design in one project, I may have spent the evening reflecting on another. They all share the common thread of community organising for social change and are my attempt at optimising 'edge' in my design work, looking at the beneficial relationships between them.