In conclusion I hope it is clear to the reader that this output process has been powerfully transformative, with multiple yields for myself, projects & organisations I am involved with and hopefully for larger movements of which I am part.

I have aimed to use the permaculture design and action learning cycle to:

  • Observe: Bear witness to my own actions and patterns, observe the movements I participate in.
  • Analyse: Reflect, process, evaluate and explore my observations, responses and opinions related to community organising in order to increase the effectiveness & usefulness of its work.
  • Design: Use the above to plan projects, re-design systems I influence, be that my own approaches or groups I am part of. Apply design to non land based systems with an awareness of oppression, social justice and systematic change.
  • Implement: Get things done! Work on projects & campaigns while consciously remaining aware of the design cycle.
  • Evaluate & Re-design: Balancing acting & achieving with honest reflection and re-design.

This output process have given me the clarity I have craved for over a decade, in exploring my relationship to organising, to the animal liberation movement and finally, how to integrate all of my interests in permaculture and land-based living with radical social change.

A word of heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported me during this process - my Family, Partner, Advisor Valerie, friends, Sustaining resistance workshop allies & base group and my best friend Sarah who is still in prison that I am not allowed to contact, who was a trigger for this deep-heart reflection and continued resistance until all are free.

Process Reflection

This output came at the same time as a wave of organising work - the launch of Frack Free Somerset, relentless events at work, the escalation of Reclaim the Fields on top of being in the middle of the growing season on the land.

Fortunately, the Gaia University format allows me to dive straight in and attempt to surf the busyness of life with awareness, design attention and holistic honesty. For years I have battled with confusion over what was the most effective work I could be doing, moving between doubt, anger, regret, fear and everything in between.

This output has allowed me to explore it all - how I organise, what I feel I can do as a person to wider strategic focuses and approaches. I can finally feel the integration in my bones of all of my different passions and interests. The processing of all of this information has been the hardest challenge and completing this final report with an awareness of burnout has been grounding.

The balance between reading (websites, zines, articles, books), self-reflection such as during the sustaining resistance week and practically applying permaculture design to projects I am involved with has been a strong positive. In hindsight I would have like to have prepared this for review and feedback from other designers well before submission, but in haste I know this process will happen with the various contacts that are looking forward to seeing my output work.

Following a deep Zone 00 design, this output could not have come at a better time as I move towards thinking about the future, my masters, movement building and more. La Lucha continua!

Output Outcomes

Tuesday 31st January - Friday 18th May

- Clarity over my role as an organiser and what I want to achieve - see goals & SMART targets
- Clarity of how organising relates to areas of my life such as relationships & Brook End

Learning Pathway
- Completed Designed Visions Permaculture Training of Teachers course
- Completed Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector course
- Attended fellow permaculture apprentice Gary Finch's accreditation event & was on board of peers
- Visited organic herb nursery
- Completed RHS exams
- Attended Sustaining Resistance, Empowering Renewal 7 Day workshop
- Attended medicine making workshop in Glastonbury
- Had diploma in applied permaculture design support tutorial
- Successfully received grant to start Diploma in Arboriculture
- Undertook self-education in: community organising, anarchism, popular education, peasant movements, food sovereignty, not for profit industrial complex


Wild Heart Permaculture
- Clarity over my organising goals in relationship to my livelihood
- Refinement of liberation permaculture design tools & concepts & course design
- Completed paid consultancy project outside Glastonbury
- Re-designed Wild Heart Permaculture website

Work - Somerset Community Food
- Organised Get Up & Grow day celebrating therapeutic horticulture
- Successful funding bid for year 4 of the project
- Incredible Edible Sedgemoor event
- Incredible Edible South Somerset event
- Incredible Edible Taunton Deane event
- Incredible Edible West Somerset event
- For other recent work related organising, you can read the Somerset Local Food Updates here.

- Built Radicle Writes website as a portfolio of my freelance journalism work
Articles published:
- Incredible Edible Somerset article in Bristol Local Food Update, May
- Permaculture Magazine - April 17th Peasants Day of Struggle Article & 'Learning by doing' printed article about the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design (& Gaia University)
- Vegan Mainstream Article
- Column & articles for Positive News


Brook End
- Built family medicine garden
- Built fruit tree nursery bed
- Became LAND learner centre
- General design implementation e.g. constructing paths, clearing greenhouses etc
- General design implementation e.g. constructing paths, clearing greenhouses etc

Reclaim the Fields
- Helped to organise the Spring National Gathering & am supporting the planning of the Summer Gathering
- Organised solidarity action for Peasants Day of Struggle
- Spoke about Reclaim the Fields at the Oxford Real Farming conference
- Have been part of planning UK Food Sovereignty Gathering in July
- General website management, networking & organising

Transition Glastonbury
- Distributed 60+ trees in Glastonbury for Fruit Trees for All project
- Organised no dig gardening workshop in Glastonbury attended by 15 people

Frack Free Somerset
- Organised public meeting about fracking in Glastonbury, formed local group & gained TV coverage
- Organised to form county-wide coalition
- Built Frack Free Somerset website

- Have been working with the Vegan Organic Network answering technical queries & undertaking feasibility research for a journal for stock free growers
- Have formed a working group with the Permaculture Association about 'bursting the bubble' and exploring privilege & inclusion in permaculture e.g. how to make courses accessible
- Am in the process of collaborating with the founders of Permanent Culture Now in the UK
- Am collaborating with European project, Beyond our Backyards