Output 6: Learning Review

BSc Integrative Ecosocial Design

Nicole Vosper, June 2012

Output Specification

This is a review of the last year of action learning with Gaia University that has been an accelerated pathway due to the acceptance of prior credit. The purpose of this report is to:

  • Identify my key learnings from the year.
  • Review my outputs holistically.
  • Draw themes and patterns to help me design my future pathway.
  • Use this output as a showcase of my ecosocial design skills.
  • Evidence the project outcomes from the year.

Project Specification

This output has been designed by reviewing and observing Gaia University Associate's end of year reviews and reading through the output packet support literature. I have experimented with a number of potential structures and following the undertaking of rapid prototypes with different formats I have chosen the five 'P's model - personal, professional, project, peer and political, as a lens to which explore my work.

This model has proved most useful as a number of my design reviews completed throughout the year have followed this structure and I believe it is easiest to grasp for the reader. I completed several parts of this output on paper trying to utilise my right brain & creativity before formatting on the computer. The report writing of this output has taken place in an intensive short period of time following extended reflection.

How to read this output

The aim of this output six report is to capture the key learnings & unlearnings from my year of action learning with Gaia University.

It is structured as follows:

1. Project - Illustrating my timeline with a diagram, giving an overview of my projects and output packets and key action learning cycles for the year.

2. Professional - This section highlights new skill flexes gained and my portfolio building from the year.

3. Political & Peer - This section reads as an overview of my political explorations over the past year and the stretching of my community organising skill flexes.

4. Personal - Explores my internal growth & development and key life design decisions.

5. Plan for Future Learning - A summary of what this year of action learning has led me to as I re-design for the coming years ahead.

The output material links to all of my output reports, several blog and learning journal entries, articles, photographs and more. This material is to provide a richer context for this report but is by no means essential additional reading.