Personal - Major Learnings & Unlearnings


This section describes my personal growth and development in the context of my personal, professional and project work.

These touch the surface as key highlights of what has been an extraordinary year of finding focus, direction and self care in balance of my self-determination to achieve social change.


  • I have learnt to value the expression & integration of my spirituality with all of my other interests & radical politics
  • I have re-designed my life with an awareness of my relationship to organising, burnout & unhealthy patterns
  • I have embraced self-care through my zone 00 design
  • Unlearnt negative relationships to money, embracing abundance & regenerative flows vs scarcity mindset
  • I have learnt about my learning styles for example becoming aware of my need for graphical & visual information presentation rather than report writing in presenting my output work
  • I have learnt that I can integrate diversity, adventure & travel into a land-based life through thoughtful design & family communication. Its not one or the other!
  • That my heart is with Somerset, with this land & Brook End I dedicate my self to the defence of this landbase & the building of a permanent culture here.


  • My biggest learning through listening to my heart, emotional feedback and analysing my life patterns is that my passion lies with growing. I want to grow food & medicine for my community as a main livelihood stream & vocation.
  • That teaching will be a a smaller but valued part, with a focus on specialist & radical courses & convening
  • That consultancy work is empowering, pushes my learning edges but again will only compliment by work as a grower
  • That my main vocation will always be organising & resistance but that growing is part of this!


  • Have finally emerged with clarity in finding the integration of permaculture design, radical community organising & solidarity with resistance movements.
  • Have designed my family's smallholding & feel at peace with the pace of implementation and our long term goals 
  • Am building a movement for food sovereignty in many ways & that land & food will remain a key point of leverage & focus in my life
  • That my heart will always be focused on the ending of animal agriculture, no goal is as important in my life.