Future Learning Pathway

The diagram to the left illustrates my future learning edges that I would like to design for in my intended Msc Plant Based Permaculture as well as my own self-directed learning. The past year has been fundamental to shaping my future pathway and helping me to really listen to my heart as to know which path is the most congruent with my beliefs and interests.


In conclusion I hope this output report has managed to capture the diverse and deep year of learning I have experienced with Gaia University.

The output work described in the project section has been aligned closely to my learning intentions & pathway design yet as ever, new events, opportunities and insights have arisen beyond the scope that design can craft.

I expected to gain a lot from the year as it was in my hands as to what I would take from it.  However I never expected this level of clarity in respect to my life and direction (especially in relation to my organiser goals and livelihood design) and the feeling of healing on multiple levels that I gained from my zone 00 design and the holistic nature of the space that Gaia University holds.

This personal growth and development has been empowering especially when coupled with my professional gains, such as website building skills, consultancy experience and my growing portfolio. The opportunities for critical reflection and analysis of permaculture, food sovereignty and my radical edges has strengthened my awareness and abilities as an organiser.

Overall it has been a year unlike any other in my life and I hope this report has done justice in illuminating my pathway to date.


Gaia University team - my main advisor Valerie as well as Katharina & GU team members I have come across so far - Kirsten, Andy, Jennifer.

Everyone who has reviewed my work to date, participated in learning guilds or shared their work on the GU platforms, thank you for your feedback & inspiration.

My family - my Uncle for supporting me with the financial costs of my learning & believing I am worth investing in, my Mum & Step Dad Ian for reading my work, letting me lock myself away to concentrate & supporting me every step of the way.

And my friends, people I organise with who have inspired much of this work, given me links, feedback on my ideas and inspired me to keep going, and finally my partner Nerida for her patience, support and love!

Blessings for the land & all beings, Brook End, the centre of my nourishment & for every wild life resisting domination, growing new roots and shoots for the coming times ahead.

Output Process Reflection

Creating this output has opened up a much needed space for rest and reflection. Caught up in the fast pace of projects, the energy demands of the growing season and the summer buzz of activity, setting aside evenings and days to really think about the past year has been very therapeutic.

Finding a way to structure and present so much information and outcomes has been challenging. I experimented with a number of models from theory U to the four quadrants, thinking I could use them as a learning experience to get to know the models and find structure for my material. However it has proved to be a case of 'keep it simple' and with the 'five Ps' pattern in place, the details began to flow.

It has been empowering to honour the full turning of the year, upload my work and build my portfolios. It has been a challenge to stay in a place of evaluation and reflection without pushing on with the new projects - planning the masters, continuing with the TALC finishing my permaculture diploma and carrying on with all of the other groups, campaigns and projects that I organise with.

Overall this process has been empowering, exhausting, and liberating all at the same time. Putting the year to bed while at the same time opening doors for the next stages of my life is an exciting if not scary place to be. I look forward to the future with all of the skills, clarity and focused I have gained from my year with Gaia University.