• how to read this output
  • My 6 P pathways
  • Megaphone History
  • My 6 p's
  • My Capstone Year Matrix
  • Output specs
  • Project specs

How to read this Output

This MScOP6(12) has 6 chapters after the Overview page, & 6 subchapters under 1. PROJECTS on this Mahara site:  Please click the numbered tabs to move through the Mahara pages. This Site includes the 6 Ps. (Output Process Reflection & Conclusion) are included on the Power the Future page. At the end of Power the Future page you will be linked to my i-web website Power the Future video which continues the output. Please proceed from there by following upper menu to Supporting Evidence that holds the Digiphon & Resource Review. 'Da Journal Blog is a creative way of showing my Journals.

The balance of Supporting Evidence & Blog is optional reading as a bonus.

This MScOP6(12) LR's aim is to capture my Capstone Year Project as a whole year of learning, for what it looks & feels like, & can share my Key Learnings & Unlearnings of Gaia University action learning. On my i-web page you can access all 2 years of my Gaia U output writings from the i-web bottom menu. I hope you enjoy this learning review of my last capstone year as much as I enjoyed writing it. This page describes the structure.

This is an illustration of Megaphone Feedback, & why I love megaphones...

This is a Megaphone History

How I arrived at the 6 P megaphones talking to each other inwardly & outwardly to & from each other & the Ancients...brought forward here from my initial diagram for 4 megaphones. You can imagine doing the same interlocuting for 6 P megaphones fostering maximum community and planetary communication.

Output Overview MSc2 OP6(12)

My 6 P’s

1. Project shows a selection from many large Key action-learning directions,Universal & Local color-coded, exploring my internal growth, speaking out for key planetary health by design structure, the hugest being unrelenting proactive persuasion for EcoMachine cultivation in my municipality as a first for my State. One of many governing themes is water empowerment as I defend the commons & contribute benefits to the field of IESD.
2. Peer-Project Mentor holds together my interactive organizing of local & Gaia U community skillflexes.
3. Personal explores my inner & outer healing, growth & reveals of an Indigenous right of passage given to me as SuperSkyWoman. My personal care helps Recapture my‘home' within Key L/UNLearnings & Choices through the Personal, Empowering Megaphone, A Personal Story clues you to a personal model. Whole Brain skillflexes are gained by story-boarding left & right brains.
4. Professional visitss my right livelihood & skillflexes applied, my many Hats & Habitats I inhabit that guide my writing/ art-making/ Permaculture teaching/ Sustainable Futures Commission integration with other commissions & healing of communications breakdowns.
5. Political dips into an overview of my political advocacy during my MSc degree & the many political skillflexes that pushed my edges to thrive proactively. I created my GU blogs as political Art expression that shares an experimental inviting eco-terrain.
6. Power the Future extends what my MSc action-learning has taken me through into the future. It posits future growth made from  parallel & integrating endeavors that have united under the Gaia U Banner, heading me to world scale actioning.

My Capstone Year Matrix Map

My timeline with matrix diagram gives an overview of my key output packets that had the greatest effect on my near & far future, & my action-learning cycles for my Capstone year.

Output Specification

  • Identify my key Co-Creative Assemblies of Understanding, Regenerative Design, & Learnings/UNlearnings, from my Capstone Year, impressed by expansion & complexity condensation, sampling my strongest interrelated outputs as found in my 6P's & my 6 Sub-Projects
  • Review my outputs holistically and universally. Holistically, from GU setting of intentions & flexibility, & Universally, from intensive call & feedback through real yet symbolic sounding out.
  • Draw patterns of discovery of my creative power through 'condensing brainstorms' that can lead to future worldview design decisions after my graduation.  Map healing myself, healing the earth.
  • Use this output as a synergy of my best integrative ecosocial design skills.
  • Evidence paradigm dissembling from the past year in Q’s to myself manifested in Asking for Help & Letting go of control.

Project Specification

•    This output has been designed by reviewing & observing other Gaia University Associate's end of year reviews & my understanding of output packet support literature. I have experimented with two new main interpretive structures:
•    1. Left brain, right brain, whole brain bracket what I do.
•    2. The aforementioned EER living & spiritual metric of Evolution Epiphany & Revolution continue to be elaborated with its edges coming through megaphones as you proceed through this output. Rapid prototyping often occurrs on the ground from using these new lenses to explore my work. Megaphones are icons of low tech amplification, with low embodied energy. They replicate the wonder of sounding out under a tunnel. With my ArtScaping, I easily take megaphones from cheerleading to ancestral feedback, to blast out my messages & receive feedback. A number of my design reviews completed throughout the year have followed these dynamics/analyses & I continue to introduce them to the reader. I have also used Kolb Quadrants, GaSadie, Theory U, Spiral Dynamics & hand mindmapping in outputs & continue the Questions to myself introduced by Todd Jones + offer my own Megaphone two-way live feedback measures as geologically time-based examples of the way I live with both relative timeless presence & induced immediacy. The writing of this output attempts to glean the learned distributed energy of my elf Nicole, who is able to condense in ashort intensive period of time.