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  • Empowered Megaphone (Ariane Introspection)
  • My L/UNL’s 
  • L/UNL Challenges
  • What’s Working?
  • Self & Earth-Care Developed
  • Peer images
  • Testimony to my Empowered Peers
  • Insights from my Top Peer Interactions
  • Who I worked with & Supported me (A Test of Brilliance)
  • I Learned when to let go
  • I Learned to merge organization + original classification
  • Brainstorms

Empowered Megaphone

My L/UNL’s
As influenced & not by my peers the deductive comes as computer programmed mindmaps. How do I show the validity of hand-sketched mindmaps, poems, scribbles of relationships that seem repetitive? This goes beyond Regenerative Mind, to registering among us a continued oral culture the way the Stamitsetts language documents in circular repetitive enlargements. Typing in sets of words feels incomplete without story-boarding Gaia U learning spirals & relationing with indigenous like-minds.

L/UNL Challenges 
Developing BIS, my (Body Information System) to find& share new ways to measure without numbers, such as my  Megaphone sounding out from an ArtScaping process. Learning peers' IT (Information Technology) intricacies for coordination & Webhosting.

What’s Working?
See your seeing
Share your sharing
Hear your hearing

 How my Buddy & I Tracked our
Self & Earth-Care

  • Zone 000  6-26-12 eARThbodymind
  • Soil Fertility, making more earth
  • Being Nature Nature Being
  • Water Restructure, stay hydrated
  • eARTh Hydrological cycle Conversations
  • Distill advanced ecological benefits to fix broken local Governing


Big Learnings from Jonathan Todd that amazed a Member of the new Board as she had just seen his Corkscrew Swamp in Florida: with waste, take possession, there is no Away!

Some collaborative Commission peers, above, from my Wastewater Committee (Marianne), Economic development Commission (group) & Ecology Board (Calista, starting an orchard)


organizing for ecosocial change

 Testimony to my empowered Peers

I had many peer interactions. Each elf, buddy, mentor, orientaton guider, & peer brought me the depth of research & understanding I needed & became outstanding permission situations for me. Thank you GU for covering my Learning Budget, Skillflex & Project time & expense.

Insights from my Top Peer Interactions

I got alot of insights from evaluating peer outputs. They showed me their goals, strategies, documentaion of output materials, design choices,  ways they collaborate & how they interface with their communities to carry out their projects. My peers visibly continue to  provide a norm of startling invention and measure. Peers joined Maestro in conversations and gave presentations, in addition to posting their designed  initiatives for collaboration that were new stimulations for learning. Besides GU peers meeting regularly, I honed a longer more frequent structure with my guild buddy to practice output-making. Near the end of my output making, my advisor suggested I try reliquishing my deeply-researched Hydra-of-complexity to instead invite a peer to create my output for me, an exercise in delegation, with the caveat of us both maintaining the dedication to a sloppiest, least invested, incomplete, imperfect, quick & dirty path to my huge project, An EcoMachine for Lyons. My call was answered, becoming one of my top peer interactions. We were able to get to understand how each other works & be of more service to each other. Other insights from my peers included:

  • Gaian project Management
  • Building Strategic Focus
  • Keeping flexible ears, mind & voice
  • Integrating our influences & influencing others
  • Feeling comfortable growing together from Egos to Ecosapiens
  • Staying on top of Self Care & sharing a seeking for Self Sustenance
  • Balancing our Eco-Social Brains
  • Making room for our Bioregional Brains
  • Feeding our Artist creativity Brains
  • Implementation in our communities of particular social & ecological order

Who I worked with & Supported me (A Test of Brilliance)

Action-Learning Peers & Mentors, Let me count the ways...

  • My Advisor: Valerie Seitz is my Meta Guru! With a full GU running insight for thinking, meta writing and presenting, my Meta Meta two-stepper is intricate mover of my artistic vision into clearer defined GU scope in one sentence, both expanding & contracting from inspiration to description, with appropriate outcome of my same essence that could be understood by a wider spectrum of sprial dynamic proponents. Many Thanks!
  • Buddy Peer Year 2: Ariane Burgess, in Bi-weekly 2-hour meetings, a year of specific pragmatic declared focus, was brilliant at ‘Getting Things Done’ in inventive ways. We would return to confer results on our pre-dedicated goals. This caring to succeed at time managment spurred me to tackle unmet needs with clarity, by having a trusted slot to share our skillflexes & practice them. We had a rich compatibility as working Ecoartists with separate but similar Performance Art, EcoSocial & Project Management history. My buddy extraordinaire, Ariane, was my perfect sounding board, thanks Ariane!
  • Buddy Peer Year 1: Gina Bacciagalupo also helped open a free & fun artist-way of getting things done. In her webmaking I was influenced to tackle efficient communicating, by creating my own forum & websites. I learned from her to step in from high levels of GU, Art & life deisgn.
  • Indigenous Mentor: Shannon Francis, Hopi, Dineh came into my world to sanction my persona SuperSkyWoman as worthy of telling her indigenous story to my town with its ancient murmerings in the surrounding mountains. I did not ask for this, yet it was welcomed & granted with a great gift of Hopi Seeds.
  • Project Mentor: Kathy Jacobson, LIfe Coach & former Town Trustee jumped in with a huge open heart into Project Mentor Skillflexing, with three 3 hour sessions elicit the core of my Capstone-year concluding needs. She instructed me to perform brainstorms as condensation. Brilliant! I brainstormed patterns of my capstone year with these creative results:
    • #1‘Invisible Healing Structures’
    • #2 Skillflex megaphones of ‘UNsubdue, new, old, forever, wow-sad Earth Workers’
    • #3 UN/Learnings of‘Years go backwards & how to assert my rights’
    • #4 The Future became ‘Space in the House Brain for light to see where I am’.

      She instructed me to chart my Power for Future Acceleration by dealing with blocking-out disturbing elevated emotional statements in this way:

      • Look at it (recognize what I am looking at),      
      • Release resistance (become totally neutral, acknowledge am listening with no judgment),            
      • Send Love to it (acceptance, openness, peaceful with what it means to me).
      • Go back this way to each time, person, place where this blocking has made me numb & blank.
      • See the other person’s energy is not my energy.
      • Give that emotional person compassion.
  • Leadership Mentor: Diane Dandeneau, my Sustainable Futures Commission Chair & Life Coach led my feelings of equanimity to process-out emotion. Our town bond & project outcomes for the EcoMachine in Lyons were strengthened by our shared questioning, strategizing & creating the EcoMachine interviews.
  • Earth Mentor: Rennie Davis, Earth Whisper Trainer inducted me into a precarious Holder of Power for Earth.
  • My Healing Mentors Rennie, Kirsten Liegman, Andy, Liora, Ariane, myself & RC players set the abundant reserve we needed.
  • Elf: Nicole Vosper accepted when my guild buddy graduated & I ushered a call to the GU community for rewriting all my notes into output 11. Nicole answered & managed a tight, striking Mahara presentation with flying colors. Seeing how she did my work for me with condensed effort, & by my agreeing to write an evaluation of her Mahara OP6, my epiphany said, Learn Mahara”. This added another 'condensation' process & a huge releasing of intention with a leap of faith I had to trust.
  • Elf: Loretta Milburn, a Boulder Integral afficionado & medically trained leapt into three sessions where we researched synergistic Brain functions.
  • Elf Toby Russel, COO for Hunter Lovins Natural Capital Solutions lives in my town & has engaged with me as an ongoing elf for getting the most from the business case to be regeneratively sustainable without specifying sustainability, a yeoman feat.
  • Orientation instructor Jennifer English proved limitless, colorful, easy to follow, devices & insights played out in action-teaching, sharing amazing skillflex organization maps, master of adding & contraction as one action. big Cheers for your insights!
  • Skillflexer Ava Klinger gave me my first entry to using Mahara website-creating tools to create my own pages for GU sharing.
  • Town Commission Peers: Wastewater Facility WWTP Committee, the Commissions I liaison to (Ecology Board, Economic Development Commission, Utilities & Engineering Board (UEB) and interim tri-commissions called upon by the Mayor) have given me a unique way to work my SuperSkyWoman think 'n listens, influencing a regenerative highest good for my town.
  • JTED (the Todds) EcoMachine Ecological Peers have allowed me to keep up dissemination to town leaders that do not understand biological living technologies. I have been the bridge & the bridging. I keep perservering in conflict & lull.
  • My Group Peers: Bioregional Biocouncil kept Consensus facilitation healthy; TIKYSK (things I know you should know) ecoartist-healer peers worked collaboratively as well known individual artists & art groups in high level Biennale experience, presenting & performing cultural projects using a GU-type path.
  • Permaculture Teacher Peers: JenLo Farm & Willow Way local course teaching on the land situation & regional PDC sharing my old niche of Urban Permaculture NYC passions & empowered courses in Village Buildling Convergence & Financial Permaculture.
  • My Partner Advocate Peer:Albert L Papp, Mass Transit advocate was my constant ear and sounding board for regenerative justice and best planning development.

How I Learned to Organize my Outputs

From diverse original writings of evaluated /evaluating peers: Patrick Gibbs, Todd Jones, Geoff Trowbridge, Vasanth Bosco, Gabriel Viera, Diogo Valim, Gina Bacciagalupo, Nicole Vosper & Ariane Burgess, I learned to merge GU organization protocol with original Associate-inspired classification.


I Learned when to let go

When conversing with peers & advisors I considered learning how to make computer Mindmaps for showing key relationships & was aided by skillflex sessions. In the spirit of time constraints I made the choice to use my time learning a new total presentation method with Mahara instead. Using UNlearning expansion mode of the 'condensation brainstorm' I let the MindMeister go.

Brainstormed First Thoughts

A Revolution from the Unconscious