Overview Professional Skillflexes

Professional Views Holistic & Universal
Reviewing my outputs holistically and universally, I set intentions. I use call & feedback the way my Ask SSW pinwheel blows below. This orienation image migrated to real & symbolic megaphone communications (OP7), which came in an epiphany walking up the steep hill to my 2nd year GU orientation in Portland OR.

Belying Professionalism

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Questioning Megaphone

My Skillflex Balances
 share loads (project management)

My Inner Core Values
mentorship, nature care
be open to self, community, earth, universe
See with keyline vision
Value & reward timeless wisdoms
Hear opponents' needs
Ask nature for their thoughts
Team up long term -

 My Larger Scope
•    How do I align with indigenous wisdoms?
•    Am I earning my living from Appropriate pursuits?
•    Am I measuring my actions & unlearning reactive defensiveness?
•    Have I blasted my megaphone to the universe & welcomed back Yin Yang? What achievable living metrics are valued beyond monoculture numbers?

The Way I Work
I leave my options movable to keep them fresh.
My persona SuperSkyWoman fell from great distances. The Ancients gave me ways to care for myself & our world

The Way I Manage Others
I stir up community mind
I enthuse elves to give time, advice, an ear
I love to share Aha Moments
I let time have its own pace, yet check up at no movement


Why Gaia U, when I had a long successful career with many hats as Publisher, Papermaker, Artist, Poet, Editor, Writer, Healer, LandArt performer, Permaculture, Biocouncil, Community designer, fluxus 3rd generation world exhibitor, 5 Biennales Invitee, archived in major museums, represented by International galleries for eco-project art, concertized on the stage of Alice Tully Hall with the renowned Tibetan Singing Bowl Ensemble while doing, being SuperSkyWoman?  Somehow all my hats lived individually with separate cheering squads & few overlaps. I felt scattered enough to want ‘Da Glue of some kind of ‘bridge to somewhere’ that an educational degree matrix could jump me to, a new level of Peers, collaborators & worldview practitioners. This education did not exist before I found Gaia University, though I knew Liora for decades as part of our nurturing bioregional network since the 80’s. In those 80’s I made a series of hand crocheted hats, set them with silverware on the table to 'eat my hat' if I was wrong. I knew where I had to go, at that time already not hoeing the‘business as usual’ ‘employed by others’, nor the ‘self-employed with a Board of Directors’ way. My focus was Professional as one person could be, being the Inventor/Warrior/Seer/Guru.

I Set Smart Professional Goals for myself
•    As checks I set Intentions, goals, objectives, strategies for design that empowers me as world changer
•    I Choose appropriate Elves to counterpoint as needed to my own research & intuition
•    I Document the process of my UN/Learning experience pathway
•    I re-evaluate which edges I want to push
•    I set new benchmarks & live metrics to track my achievements
•    I am in charge of my timeline at all timeless times
•    I check in continuously with my intentions & self
•    I develop my artist intuition, deductive reasoning &whole brain
•    The genius /inventor role models I identify with are long & famous. Many passed but they persist: Ree Morton, Ray Johnson, Dick Higgins, John Cage, Marcel Duchamp, Sari Dienes...I need only request live mentorships as SuperSkyWoman, for a mutual society to be interchanged.

I Set Professional Learning Intentions for GU
•    I give niche for reviewers to evaluate, then adjust my work to a better place
•    I create a platform to observe & reflect where my pathways might take me
•    I give time to charge my own learning, enlarging my GU experience
•    I develop tools for measuring growth intentions & pathways that relate to my degree

Some Thought-process on Specializing Professionally within IESD

 I thought about Jeff Graef's Permaculture PDC Presentation, saying he was an integrating generalist & have come to like that expression. It underscores that I have no fallow periods to fear. My interestes are sharp, vast & insatiable. My father was a genius yet  appreciated & noted the professionalism in all I do. Yet...
•    My GU work is coalescing a pull-out to my life in the world.
•    Prospects for post-graduation are fertile & open.
•    My underlying Matrix meta levels of Invisible Structure, Scale, Maps, Edges, flexible timeline Scope find their navigations from my SSW handfuls of seed. Some seed can stay alive thousands years, as with beans. Seems my longevity-bean brain emerged the very end of my Capstone year when it came to me: my specialization will employ me & lead my right livelihood with ArtScaping! I have thereby invented my IESD concentration.

Professional Strategy
Work with helpers
Form enthusiastic community
Self-actualize always better committee UNmeetings
Cover the background while Delegating

Always be open to students teaching me
Specify responsibility & tasks then follow up
Know when to ask for & take Nature’s advice...
The goal of improved communication is to reach left brained readers of my work:

Use First thought, track my change process: Offer bonus reading.

Towards Permaculture Right Livelihood

Watershed Permaculture Designing has not caught on enough to be a calling card for Seat-of-the-pants-Right Livelihood, Yet!  Surveyors, city planners stuck with reams of rules, ordinances and statutory fears of legal action postpone action. Gaia U has cleared a way beyond these limits for me, into self-organizing pathways. That Brad lancaster took 2000 acres to Gabbion a watershed  Arizona back to waterflow, shows watershed research is a bioregional discussion that listserves merit.

ASK SSW (SuperSkyWoman) Pin Wheel

I recognize in my first year orientation that I have a will to parallel my local town-work alongside the planetary