Overview: My Survey Process

This section introduces my core surveying activities in my learning intentions pathway design process including:

  • Surveying my current projects and commitments
  • Surveying needed skill flexes, those I desire and my level of competence
  • 'Futurecasting' to imagine my current projects & commitments at a level of achievement

Current Projects & Commitments

Key Areas of Interest

Skill Flexes

The process I undertook to identify skill flexes included:

Trying to establish the skills needed in the fields I operate in, for example:

  • Community organising - What do mentors and role models I look up to have in the way of skills and capabilities?
  • Permaculture design - I looked at this article the Well Rounded Permaculturalist as well as the requirements for permaculture mentors for Gaia U and the Permaculture Research Institute. I also looked at permaculture designers I admire such as Richard Perkins, Penny Livingstone Stark and Ethan Roland who are have established businesses.
  • Personal & professional - these again came from looking at people I admire, the skills they utilise to manage their lives, as well as some inner reflection on how I would like to change and grow.

In order to keep track of this huge variety of skill flexes, I created this Skill Flex Tracker spreadsheet here. Its functions are to:

  • Help me to design my LIPD through being an analysis tool (see the section 'Analysis' for more information on this)
  • Enable me to track my progress through where I feel I am in the competence cycle
  • Help me prioritise skill flexes and re-evaluate these regularly




Survey: Learning Intentions



Pathway Design

Pathway Design



Supporting Evidence

Supporting Evidence

Goals: Futurecasting my Projects

A final survey tool was to use the approach of 'futurecasting'. This is where you look forward and imagine what your life would look like if you had achieved your goals or manifested your desires.

On the basis of my current projects and commitments I 'futurecasted' what these could look like by the end of my MSc period.



Wild Heart Permaculture
    •    Successful design consultancy
    •    Successful & useful courses
    •    Inspired & supported associates & apprentices with Gaia U & Permaculture diploma

Radicle Writes
    •    Regular, well-paid, meaningful & impactful work
    •    Successful Gaia U Blog, newsletter & journal  
    •    Book(s) published

Brook End:
    •    Successful nursery
    •    Successful market garden
    •    Successful events & learning opportunities

Learning Journey
    •    Successful Masters journey, completion & graduation
    •    Accredit with Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design
    •    Graduate with Diploma in Arboriculture
    •    Successfully pass RHS exams & gain Diploma in Horticulture
    •    Maintain successful action learning systems


    •    Meaningful, joyful relationships
    •    Increased joyful & nourishing interaction with the hardcore scene
    •    Increasing spiritual development resulting in greater maturity, wisdom and compassion
    •    Healing of prison experiences to become a deeper, more caring human being
    •    Embedded patterns of self care to support high energy, productive & joyful lifestyle
    •    Increased integration of spirituality into political & organising work


Land & Food
    •    Effective, long-term, strategic interventions around food poverty in Somerset
    •    New or improved ffective organisation designed to undertake strategic land & food related work in Somerset
    •    Growing network of volunteer Master Gardeners supporting increasing number of households to grow their own food
    •    Successful events
    •    Useful and widely disseminated access to land films and handbook
    •    Popular, active and strategic Incredible Edible Somerset network
    •    Increasingly larger, well organised and effective Reclaim the Fields constellation in the UK
    •    More established network of local permaculture practitioners
    •    Effective & well functioning Food Sovereignty Popular Education Collective supporting meaningful workshops & learning experiences changing political consciousness with diverse groups of people
    •    An effective group or model effective in practically increasing food resilience locally in Avalon
    •    Brook End host to successful plant nursery as well as growing food and medicine for the community.
    •    Well organised, resourced and strategic Vegan Organic Network doing effective, high impact work.

    •    Increasing experience in designing medicinal systems.
    •    Successful Radical Herbalism Gathering and emergence of radical network in the UK reinvigorating plant based medicines
    •    Increasing depth & understanding of herbalism and increasing confidence in ability to act as a community herbalist
    •    Successful herbal enterprise at Brook End meeting local health needs

Social Justice
    •    Increasing awareness of prison abolition & growing networks of people organising under this banner
    •    Succesful tour of UK delivering prison abolition workshops
    •    Successful zine launched by/for women in prison
    •    Successful prison abolition conference in the Winter 2013
    •    Liberation Permaculture course designed & delivered in 2013 and regularly thereafter to support radical organisers to develop design skills to increase their impact
    •    Succesful Closing the Loop journal supporting the animal liberation movement
    •    Successful organising to end animal agriculture & animal oppression


    •    Effective, sustainable local campaign to prevent fracking in Somerset
    •    National & regional organising around extreme energy & fracking to build relationships & solidarity