Mid Year Presentation

Nicole Vosper MSc Associate

2nd April 2013

Designing Resistance: Permaculture & Community Organising

In this presentation I aim to look at how Permaculture principles and design processes can be applied not only to long term solutions-focused work but also to resistance movements and struggles for social and ecological justice, as well as creating beneficial relationships between these two seemingly different approaches to social change.

Permaculture & long-term solutions focused work

Permaculture, with its unique framework of ethics, principles and design tools, is commonly applied to solutions-focused activity; the ways and means of meeting our food, energy, fuel and social needs sustainably and ethically.

What are your observations of the permaculture movement so far? What have you witnessed are the limitations?

Resistance & Struggles for Social and Ecological Justice

What are your observations of these movements?

E.g. local, national & international campaigns, protests, direct actions, social movements & community organising

Integration for Liberation

My attempts!

  • Placing permaculture in a wider context of radical social change - Liberation Permaculture
  • Applying design to campaigns - Frack Free Somerset 
  • Stacking resistance & long term work - Prison abolition


  • 2 mins - Introduction to Nicole & her pathway
  • 5 mins - Observations of permaculture & survey of group experiences
  • 5 mins - Observations of resistance and social movements & survey of group experiences
  • 7 mins - Nicole's observations on integrating the above

              + Design thinking & knowledge generated through Gaia U pathway

              + Action learning case study: Frack Free Somerset

              + Action learning case study: Prison abolition

  • 1 min - wrap up & summary