Output 2: Resistance, Repression & Resilience


MSc Political Agroecology

Nicole Vosper

April 2013 - October 2013


Welcome to my second output packet. I am a pre-capstone, MSc Open Topic associate with Gaia University, with a strategic focus on political agroecology.

The aim of this output was to explore my own radical edges and optimise how I organise with others for social change. A large thematic area is prison abolition, as well as healing and resilience to repression on a personal and community-movement level.


You can read the original output design which sets out my learning goals and aims here.



This output packet is a container for my learning in these areas and the following pages include:

  • Project -  An overview of my main projects this year
  • Peer - Exploring my personal patterns of organising as well as my action research around community organising
  • Political - A closer view of two thematic areas of focus in this output packet - prison abolition and repression
  • Professional - My fields of engagement and skill flex development during this output packet period
  • Pathway - How this output integrates into my longer term learning pathway, conclusions from my work so far and an output process reflection about what I learnt in creating this output packet and things I would do differently
  • Output Outcomes - A page containing and illustrating the outcomes of the personal, project, professional and political aspects of my work
  • Personal Outcomes - Complimentary material detailing the design for my own healing in relationship to prison and repression
  • Next Steps - For each of my areas of work
  • Supporting materials - A broad container of links to resources used and further evidence, including course and workshop designs, learning journal entries, counselling notes and more

The mindmap below illustrates the different design frameworks used to design this output and elements within it.  The graphic in the centre is to symbolise that through all these elements, the action learning cycle forms a solid supportive structure for how I learn.


Thank you for taking the time to read this work. I would love your feedback & am always open to potential collaboration and friendship! Please connect with me at nicole@wildheartpermaculture.co.uk

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Soundtrack to this Output

The Flatliners - This is Giving Up “You and I couldn’t change the world if we tried might as well watch it all fall in front of our eyes”

Energy - Bushwhacked “Don’t succumb to this nightmare culture”

Verse - The End of All Life “This weight will break you, this weight will take you”

Have Heart - No Roses, No Skies "This life can feel too long"

Onsind - Dissatisfactions "I don't think I'll ever be ok. I'll just take it day by day"

Modern Life is War - Health, Wealth & Peace "My struggles of yesterday are my struggles of today"

"While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free"

- Eugene V. Debs


Nicole Vosper
30 October 2013, 18:27
Nicole Vosper
06 November 2013, 15:32

Updated self-review

Nicole Vosper
11 November 2013, 5:02

Here is my peer review undertaken for Meredith Kirby.

12 November 2013, 15:31

Nicole, this was just so inspriational.  Thank you, your goals, and observations throughout this OP's journey have truly sparked me to push harder and do better!  I would love having you as a mentor!


Jennifer English Morgan
24 December 2013, 14:10

Advisor Pro Review