Fulfillment and changes to Learning Intentions and Pathway Design

Original LIPD

Goals Completed/Not Completed

          I achieved all of the goals that I set June and July except that I didn't finish watching all of the videos from the Blackbelt Communication Skills Course and writing "Weaving a Strategy".  I didn't have enough time, or internet bandwidth to watch the videos, so I will finish watching them in August when I am at my parents house.  I still want to write about my pathway in my blog, "Weaving a Strategy".  I've been having a difficult time figuring out how to write it.  I'll work on that in August as well. 

          I changed the paper from "NVC and Regenerative Management" to "Regenerative Dynamics."  I feel like I wrote about NVC enough in "Fierce Compassion", and what I really needed was something like NVC to use with organizations.

Revised LIPD

Explanation of Changes

          I reviewed my goals and timeline after completing this output packet.  I decided to postpone my program pause until after August so I could finish the Transformative Action Learning Certificate and get feedback on my output packet.  I added the goals of researching organizations that align with my vision, which will help me find employment, the main reason I am going on program pause.

          I changed the wording of most of my goals, using the framework that I created in Regenerative Dynamics rather than specific tools.  I will still research the tools Holacracy, B Corporations, and Permaculture.  I've expanded these subjects into broader areas so I can compare them to other tools and map all of them all in Regenerative Dynamics.  This creates more work and complexity, but I think I need to put these tools in a broader context to use them effectively.