Value Flows from this Project

Outcomes as Value Flows

          At ELL we had a group conversation where we identified the outcomes of the program.  We talked about the various groups of people involved and how there was value flowing in both directions between each group.  We had talked about various types of wealth, and this was a good application of those principles.  I used many of the same nominal values in this output packet that we identified.

Personal Outcomes

           By participating in Emerging Leader Labs I experienced love and trust from the other participants and support team.  I gained confidence from speaking about what I care about and being fully heard.  I did a lot of self-reflection, which is recorded in my Nonviolent Communication Journal.  I gained understanding about myself, other individuals, and humans in general.  I found a strong community, which I will stay connected to in the future.

Professional Outcomes

           I created professional connections with people working in my field.  I gained experience in an incubator program and using the tools/models that I want to use and teach in the future.  I gained direction in finding out that there are a lot of organizations who share my vision and deciding to survey possible opportunities and apply for employment during my program pause.  I gained communication skills through practice at ELL.  I gained a lot of knowledge about group dynamics in the books and online materials I read and conversations I had at ELL.

Project Outcomes

          I wrote two papers, "Fierce Compassion" and "Regenerative Dynamics".  I shared "Fierce Compassion" with people in my network and it has had 50 views from different people since I published it.  I will share "Regenerative Dynamics" with my network via social media and with the Gaia U community at my mid-year presentation.  I have many photographs from Emerging Leader Labs, several of which I have shared with updates on my progress via social media. 

          I created a video of myself presenting Regenerative Dynamics at the Emerging Leader Labs Showcase.  I will also share that video with my network via social media.  I also created two videos of my project slams at ELL and an interview with Eric Harris-Braun.  These are for my own reference.  I created Regenerative Dynamics, an essential knowledge framework that will serve as the focal point of all the knowledge and skills that I build to share with organizations.  I have reflected on my entire experience in my output packet which I will share with everyone at ELL and let them use it to explain what ELL is to others.  I have built coherence around my pathway, upgrading my Learning Intentions and Pathway Design.

Peer Outcomes

          I shared myself openly with the people at Emerging Leader Labs.  I acted as an amplifier for the other participants projects, enthusiastically discussing with them.  I provided support in several other ways.  I gave feedback on project slams, created metamaps of all the information I am learning, and shared about other participant's projects with my network via social media.  I expressed solidarity and appreciation for the entire community for everything they did for myself and my daughter.  I also simply participated in the experiment that is Emerging Leader Labs.

Patrix Outcomes

           Emerging Leader Labs is a powerful tool for Patrix(Patriarchal Matrix) busting.  It operates in the gift economy and facilitates projects that challenge the domination culture in many ways.  It creates actualized human beings who are capable of expressing their full power.  We created new tools and models for changing the world.  We generated a morphogenic field where an emerging social organism came into being.  This serves as an example for others.  We shared our inspiration in the ELL Showcase, which live on as videos and the presentations will be re-created many times.  We created new possibilities which will spread throughout the ecosphere.