The purpose of this output is to make tangible my goals and ambitions for my first year with Gaia University.  This report begins with an exploration of my life’s vision and how I can use the upcoming year to gain the knowledge, skillflexes and strategic awareness to achieve these visions.

Section 2 illustrates the skill flexes I hold and the ones I seek to develop as to benefit my project work, which is communicated in Section 3. Section 4 includes the detailed output plans I have developed, which refine my learning goals, focuses and desired outcomes. Finally the logistics of undertaking these outputs can be found in the pathway logistics section and the appendices. Thank you for reading.  


From the age of ten my dominant life interest has been working to end animal exploitation. This has been complimented by passions for human rights, libertarian ways of living and environmental issues. I have been a full time activist in the traditional sense since leaving home at 16, a journey which has taken me around the world and to prison and back.

In prison however I was given the opportunity to complete a permaculture design course via distance learning. This has completely changed my life and my view of the world and now I seek to integrate my passions for animal and human liberation with permaculture design and wider land use practices. 

Vision Statement

“I am a permaculture practitioner and community organizer working to create and spread socially and ecologically beneficial regenerative systems that are designed without exploitative relationships based on domination of domesticated animals, human communities or the land"

In order to achieve this vision I have looked at the skill sets and knowledge needed, as summarized in the tables below:

Goals for the Year

This exercise has helped me to craft my learning pathway with Gaia University. Placing this year of dedicated learning in context with my life, these are my aims for the year:

* To explore the areas of interest I am passionate about and help me to learn which is my most effective path
* To develop my base skill flexes
* To design a livelihood & portfolio to make myself more financially resilient for the near future and to support my future pathway
* To develop my family’s smallholding to its full potential and be an inspiring permaculture demonstration centre e.g. 'get your own house in order'
* To create a post-license activist strategy that values my energy and uses my skills the best I can to be positive and effective
* To help me decide my future learning pathway for post-graduate study

Areas of Interest

Figure 1 is a mindmap illustrating the major areas of interest in my life from a personal to a professional level. I intend to design learning opportunities that will be multifunctional, complimenting 3 or more areas of interest.


Current Skillflexes

It is only through scrutinizing all areas of my life that I can effectively recognize the current skill flexes I have. Once again these have been summarized in a chart, as seen in Figure 2.

Desired skillflexes

Following analysis of my current skill flexes I then began to explore what skills I would need to develop to enable me to fulfill my personal and professional vision. This led me to create a mindmap as seen in Figure 3. This is a changeable document however as I continue to learn about new software, experiences and opportunities. It is organized into the same categories and has enabled me to better design my project pathways.

Gaining skillflexes

Through analyzing both my areas of interest and my desired skill flexes I have proceeded to try and design projects that will best facilitate my learning and give me the dedicated focus I need to gain new skill flexes. I have also identified skills that I aim to develop year-round some of which are seasonal in nature.

 Year-Round skill development:

* Freelance journalism & documentation * Ecological literacy * Cooking & Food preservation * Herbal medicine making * Wild food harvesting & preparation

Spiritual & personal development

Some areas of work I have identified include:

*Getting in touch with my emotions on a daily basis by journaling

*Reviewing how I relate to women

*More dedicated spiritual practice through celebrating the moon cycles and greater celebration of the solstices



Below are the detailed plans for each of my outputs. Despite the attention to detail, none of these outputs are fixed and I remain open to life-changes and new learning experiences.

Brook End: Designing for Self Reliance

Purpose: To produce a permaculture design and achievable implementation plan for my family’s 4 acre smallholding that allows for maximum self-reliance, biodiversity, beauty and benefit to the community.

Please find a link to the full ouput plan here.

Liberation Permaculture: Design frameworks for social justice

Purpose: This project aims to explore if and how permaculture can be applied to social struggle, not just in the forms of creating new ways of living but in challenging oppressive systems. Liberation permaculture explores if permaculture can offer tools towards ending all forms of domination.

Please find a link to the full output plan here.

Regenerative Land Use

Purpose: The aim of this project is to explore land use practices that support the creation and maintenance of regenerative systems with a particular focus on domesticated animal-free systems. 

Please find a link to the full output plan here.

Libertarian Food Systems

Purpose: The aim of this project is to observe and analyze international grassroots peasant and farmer movements as well as the community food movement in the UK to better understand how projects can organize themselves on libertarian lines and how access to land can be achieved to effectively reclaim the food system. 

Please find a link to the full output plan here.


This Learning Intentions & Pathway design has been crafted to communicate what I would like to achieve, ultimately in my life, and realistically within the next year. To keep updated with my progress please see my website Wild Heart Permaculture where I will be blogging about my experiences.   


Completing this output has been an enriching use of my time with the benefits of clarity being second to none. The process began for me in prison where I was really able to design for life on release; this meant I had accumulated ideas and visions ready for refinement a long time ago and this output packet was the opportunity to lay the plans for achieving them.

I began by intensively reading all of the supporting materials available, looking at associates work and kept a notebook by my side at all times. Some nights I could barely sleep for the number of ideas going through my head. After a lot of reflection I then worked to refine my goals and later my output plans. Once I had made decisions on the output purposes, filling in the details became a realistic task. Feedback from my main advisor invited further refinement before uploading my content on the Mahara portfolio, which has taken about 3-4 hours in total including all image editing. 


Self review

Peer review (see output 1A)

Resource Review

Mahara Resources

Mahara Guide

Associate's Portfolios (for inspiration)

Elke, Masters Griffin, Ethan Roland, Mana Vermeulen-McLeod, Dyami Nason-Regan, Dietmar Prudix, Vanda Pereira, Richard Perkins


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All other pictures taken by Nicole Vosper


My Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design action learning pathway formed much of the basis of this output.

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