Professional Growth

My Professional Progress

In my OP2 I explored the fields I work in, both in terms of political organising and agroecology, as well as political agroecology as an emerging field.

During my OP3 process I feel I have made the following gains:

  • Authoring a comprehensive Access to Land & Community Organising Handbook to inpsire people, hopefully, global.
  • Designing an accredited Community Horticulture Course & an entire popular education course around the six food sovereignty principles.
  • Designing & convening one of the first Vegan Permaculture Design Courses.
  • Starting the most ambitious prison abolition collective in recent UK history.
  • Supporting with the organising of one of the first (in recent years) comprehensive solidarity campaigns for an animal liberation defendant, and now prisoner.
  • Organising a month of action of 31 events with Frack Free Somerset, to show the power & capacity of local grassroots groups, and organising the first farming and fracking event in the UK.

My Skillflex Development,204,203,200_.jpgA tool I developed during my Learning Intentions Pathway Design process was this Skill Flex Tracker spreadsheet. In the second tab you can see my skill flex gains during this output. Key areas of development have been:

  • Economics & regenerative enterprise
  • Applying permaculture design to businesses & groups
  • Community organising & patrix deconstruction
  • Project management
  • Radical pedagogies & practice
  • Self observation & having authentic relationships

Livelihood Design


One of the main desires of my OP work was to craft a livelihood design. This was because I was nearing the end of a three year project and regular employment and at a crossroads about what I wanted to do with my time and energy, while earning a sustainable livelihood. Below is a mindmap detailing my design process and decisions:

Following this process of definining my livelihood branches, I then dived into more detail. Please see the mindmaps below to see the designs for each of these aspects of my work.

These are included to illustrate and evidence my work, they are not included in the wordcounts.

Agroecologist Pathway Design

Educator Pathway Design

Writer Pathway Design

Herbalist Pathway Design