Project Outcomes

This section is to illustrate the projects I have been engaging with during this output period.

Map of Projects during this Output Period

Project Progression & Negotiations

I track how and why I have renegotiated my project commitments in my project re-negotiation tracker, so I can better see patterns.

Gains in Managing my Time & Promises

It is clear that:

  • I am very skilled in managing complex amounts of information and getting things done effectively.
  • However my ability to manage my time in relation to my self care is very poor. I regularly poorly design my life to not include periods of rest and recuperation, and my boundaries in sustaining personal commitments, such as my herbalism apprenticeship always ‘slide’.
  • I have a huge ability to focus and complete tasks, however I would like to improve my systems for managing my next actions so I am not as distracted.
  • In tracking how many hours I spend on my emails I learnt that it averages 1.43 hours per day. I am now trying to design this into my life. I have changed my attitude to emails as “Spending time communicating and collaborating with a global network of passionate allies”. I am trying to allocate 1.5 hours per day to managing all of my email accounts for various projects and commit to a zero inbox system.

Peer: Radical Community Organising

Roles & Accountabilities

You can see my roles & accountabilities in my OP2 here (as an example). During this output period there has been little change in terms of roles and accountabilities except to note:

  • My increasing efforts to delegate, especially with Frack Free Somerset; 31 events during Frack Free February is testament to this - compared to 2013, I attended or had primary responsibility at significantly less events, and the events that took place which I was involved with, workloads were definitely more shared. This is a learning edge I continue to try to push.
  • When working in smaller groups, the responsibilities of projects are certainly greater. This is an edge I need to track for myself so that I do not have too much weight on my shoulders. I continue to try to design for succession and a branching pattern in my organising e.g. Resisting centralisation, encouraging new groups to start, supporting succession through skill sharing and so forth.
  • For the first time in a long time, there have been projects that I have completed mainly by myself, taking near total responsibility and leadership. The main examples are the Access to Land Handbook and the Growing Resilience Project (which does actually involve huge amounts of group work, its just I have had primary responsibility for designing and instigating the project). The Handbook was not an enjoyable experience. I am definitely a group person and thrive on being accountable for my actions to another. Once again, a learning edge to test and explore.

Patterns of organising, collaboration & participation

The supporting evidence section of this output clearly shows how I continue to organise and collaborate with others on multiple projects. Key patterns I am observing in my life are:

  • I continue to enjoy working in intimate groups & some of my most effective recent work has been collaborating with just one other. I find navigating large groups with complex power dynamics and roles quite exhausting.
  • I am finding it increasingly challenging to work with more liberal-aspects of campaigns such as Frack Free Somerset, and find myself giving more time and attention to groups that I share strong political alignment with.
  • However I love the challenge of community organising, of building relationships with people so different to me, of seeing that radicalisation process in a person as they begin to reclaim their life and resist. Therefore I think I need to design for balance and the needs of my different archetypes in my organising work.