Conclusion & Process Reflection

In conclusion it is clear that food sovereignty offers a framework for social change that is congruent with permaculture and essential for the success of agroecology. Recognising the political context of my work has helped me to see that our work for food sovereignty is diverse and on multiple levels.

This process has given me the chance to reflect on my role in this global social movement and has illuminated the empowerment I gain from being a grower of food, a modern day peasant fighting for land that has been denied through generations of industrialization.

Finding new allies has been life-affirming and much learning has been harvested from my year of local activism. However creating this output has pushed me to learning edges, testing my energetic and emotional limits and boundaries of comfort. There are still more questions than answers but I feel renewed and focused as I face the frontlines of food sovereignty.

Output 2 Next Steps

Work Plan
Completion date: 6 Nov 2011

Write a list of my project tasks that are of an ongoing nature so that I can integrate them better into output planning and time management.

RTF Proposals
Completion date: 25 Nov 2011

Collate a list of needs and desires to take the Reclaim the Fields network forward in time for the next RTF gathering this winter (date tbc).

EDAP event
Completion date: 30 Nov 2011

Organise an event to create an Energy Descent Plan with Transition Glastonbury. Arrange RE funding and venue with other transition groups in Somerset. Decide a date for 2012.

Organise Education Event
Completion date: 14 Dec 2011

Email all land & food related contacts who have expressed an interest in developing education & learning initiatives to see if they would be interested in designing an event to facilitate us all working together.

Organise Food Sovereignty UK Forum
Completion date: 14 Dec 2011

Contact Graciela from War on Want and others to plan and organise a UK forum for food sovereignty.

5 tasks