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  • Personal Transformation Needs
  • Personal Preparations
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Please read the first column, then the second.

Personal Key L/UNLearnings
I watched myself observe Parrot laugh long & hard about being stuffed. Absurd. A stuffed parrot doing RC. Unlearning for Parrot seemed simple. Early material cells being accessed? As SuperSkyWoman I process  apart from conflict, called objective arbitration (OA). I now understand why I turn silent at rage, accusation, untruth. I Blank out like a chameleon changing colors undetected. I feel UnDetectable when faced with the UnDefensible.  I now understand I’m a field more than me, the perception of me. I figured out Speech is too young an expression for UnDefensible acts & Speech fails abuse, gives away its power.  My SuperSkyWoman Hovering absorbs and insulates me the way a cushion of atmosphere insulates the Ozone layer. Like body like planet like universe: another key L/UNlearning.

Personal Choices & Links

What is more personal than imagination?

Things can be stolen, but not next invented thoughts.
I still use this as my SSW attitude. Hovering listening comes into good UNlearning up front with action/reaction. This is a portrait statement. Imagination then, feels inner for destabilization’s letting go, a Zone 000. This key learning awoke recently with a role I constructed of holding tether between town and living technology negotiation. I let go & ponder missed opportunity that made poorer decisions happen. Who has the loudest megaphone without understanding its feedback power is in a delicate position of responsibility. This observation opens up opportunity for Learning/ UNlearning together.




















evolution is personal & primary


Color Coding

Suggested by my advisor, I color-coded my Project Themes & Scope. This is an example of color-coding for Project Theme Qualities: Water (blue)eARTh (green)Invisible Structures (orange. I veer to blue Scope of water health for Eco Machine (blue) & my three Meta Level Scopes of Universe (purple), Local/Region (red) & Personal (Magenta).

Color Coding was done on all Project pages & the Personal page, to try out Val's idea. Color coding gives me another model I like to use for focus on what personalized aspects mean for me, such as my personal design analyses. My buddy, Ariane thinks this is cool.

Personal explores my inner & outer healing, growth & development on Indigenous rights-of-passage given to me as SuperSkyWoman by Indigenous leader Shannon Francis to inform my town on the indigenous people’s behalf, & bestowing Skywoman powers into SuperSkyWoman. With this empowerment I can more fully recapturing all my Home & Permaculture visions. These knowings & attitudes lay out an ecosocial picture of my artist self, predating this degree by 70 years. My personal model has always been an assured 'Warrior' worldview very like the GU example. Here the theme of Healing is a bridge to Empowerment & spreads through a megaphone that moves inward between the three levels, of Earth, Local/Regional & Personal.

Personal Transformational Needs
I still tackle dyslexia, need time to get actions right with hard concentration, print up computer screen. if I cannot am constrained to grasp the whole, I intentionality, sequentiality, notate. Without this step I lose time reinventing my expression. I worked hard to reduce, simplify, be clear, give samples, communicate effectively & still be me. I then contacted the designer of a wastewater facility in Nederland nearby to advise our commission, and he was very perceptive to biological treatment, offering wisdom to our group of asking for help from the best qualified people, when they already began contracting with the first unsolicited salesperson.

Personal Preparations
How did I recognize Skywoman if not for being prepared long before? My comfort since age 4 nurtured departure from fashionable dependencies. In Paula Gunn Allen’s Grandmothers of the Light, I entered indigenous creation myths of timelessness I’d already felt. My father had genius gifts in medicine and music. Some of this DNA re-routed in me to long ago, back so far, I told my art critics to go beyond the caves of Lascaux, to sun cells for my influences. Vision or acceptance? Both. This tied into I am Nature, not set apart. SuperSkyWoman sees the twist in Earth humor of trees, moss and streams. I heard laughter at a young age from the Guarnieri Quartet’smusic humor, My dad at the piano, for an early bead on professional humor, a just off correctness that made perfectionists howl together. Entering suddenly into understandings, everything is accelerated now. I am more interested in how Assemblies are made of our Understandings. Art has become 'Everything is Possible': more life, social, ecological, political discourse, rather than contiuning the 'Trained as Expert'. I had to learn to draw a contour line for 50 years before doing it in one gesture; that doesn’t mean you cannot do it right off. As time accelerates, so do abilities. My being Do-istic while being Be-istic, takes the fear out of failing.

The Personal Empowerment Megaphone

Megaphone Pathways is the most prophetic of my Output Personal design structures, through my Gaia U growth to ArtScaping my abundant future: A field of butterflies or penguins arrive huddled to survive, this is the realm of evolutionary, revolutionary acts executed, palpable, a held epiphany favoring life force continuance. I who arrived here am held sacred in this necessary holding place, where out-breath and in-breath cross over into autonomic function reciprocity. With this genetic pull to gather as a species, I stay the adversity & reinhabit as an Ecosapien the geological splendors with my Bioregional ecoSapien beings, bringing harmony back to confer with the other species, making our own renewable energy from life, which sounds like a buzzzzzing field of dreamzzzzz...

The Megaphone

is an ear
It hears

It knows
where it belongs

It filters

Key Learnings into the ears of the ancestors while hearing their feedback, it's like those invisible chimerae sitting up in a tree, catching & sending chatter forward & back. Through megaphones, my trained Permaculture general-self spreads each voice each task from inside myself out as a consolidated all-in-one healing me to the outside world.


A water Learning story

I learned collaborations are the stretching of a lifetime. A longtime Water  mentor, Barbara sent me testimony to my output being relevant to her health. She was discussing spiders in her bed with friend Pat who brought up food grade diatomaceous earth. Later that day, friend Ginger mentioned she was eating diatomaceous earth and feeling so much more energetic. Barbara followed these suggestions, looking at pictures of diatoms & was reminded of them by my Dad's shell doodles. She also noticed in doodle pictures of his foot she supposed were pumps, that the doodle heel reminded her of pain in her heel, which she wonders now about all this being water related.

Reciprocity Megaphone

A Personal Story my Mother Sings in Public

My mother‘s Italan tongue twister on cue for my Peggy Guggenheim Museum action,
"UnComplexity UnRavels a SuperSkyWoman theme" long heard in my childhood:
|| : “sopra la panca la capra campa,
Sotto la panca la capra creppa” : ||
(on the bench the goat manages,
under the bench the goat dies)

The UNtwist on humor is an evolutionary trend in my life. I can’t remember my life without UnLearning Seriousness. My most precious personal experience this year has been questioning the measure of my actions with truth & humor & how I’ve lived up to that.