Watershed Political

Pie-shaped Hawaiian Resource Exchange Megaphone

Advocacy Political
I entered a Democracy School, CELDF, DGR level of understanding for progressive action & education towards social change to wizen-up the dumbed-down. I took on compassion for a radical Monsanto co-worker, using my OA (objective arbitration) way as SuperSkyWoman. I prepared for giving Leadership Empowerment Trainings by accepting my ancient local commons as priority, for dissemination of memory of the land (indigenous history). I learned from following the democratic Convention I would easily stand up for dissent where platforms were lacking & failing follow through from hoeing to political platform procedure. I met super people along the way, that did not justify my continuing to be a follower.

What tools have I developed
 In this 2nd year: greater self-empowerment, empowering others to 'go for' live quality metrics of real communication & on-the-land results instead of numbers reports & engineering pumping stations against gravity, artful 'ArtScape' intuition to lead classes for self-development & Right-livelihood, delegation to share responsibility, hovering over objectively with OA (Objective Arbitration), manifesting a future by creating it.

I Surveyed my wishes & actions
Jump in & out of Protest  
Do the Proactive work
Know when to call for help, way to go!

No Risk?
This past Capstone year my Home Base witnessed procrastoinating holdover private over public policies: City sewer engineering policy, Grid control, Conquests of spray over Nature, Machine Extraction Policy, GMO lies. Progressive town folks fooled & off guard from mixed messages not matching truth, defending industrial policy as no risk, of robots in canned voices replacing with ‘like kind machines with nothing new to be proud of,-- Industrial-revolution caveman-beating-of-the-chest unison Grab-- no risk?

Parallel society Gaia U encompasses indigenous all relations & non-ownership Potlach, respect for cosmology, Matrix, & Patriarchy Busting while patriarchy actually ascends. Clean water formerly wasted processes waste with biodiverse plants, worms, Bees, Mycology, Water creatures surveyed with seat of the pants engineering, Permaculture policy of clinging substrates, slow, stop & sink,  a field of Reciprocity blooms.

What  Areas am I in Midst of Exploring?
JTED’s comparison of risks. The political choice of land relations & land organization in Bioregionalism & Corporate Vandalism  needs Indigenous Responsibility.

Political Reminder
PNAC – Turtle protects Turtle Island-- Bioreg Home

How long have we been defining life with words?

Key words

In similar UNjudgmental protocal to myself, I do the UNpolitical/ political subliminal...with my Gaia U MSc2 Blogs. They stream from the sleeping brain while am awake, I open to ‘first thought best thought’. When a political thought takes the form of a dream, the subliminal value is Unmeasurable, off the charts. The reader does not feel pushed or played or conditioned. Serving the subliminal holds in a most political way.

My Creative Political Epiphany Blogs are here. They’re all out to change the way people think









I stuff incoming news into a folder titled ‘Evidence in art for protest & ecosocial work. From here, endangered species, threatened earth, proactive actions go into reports for eARTh, Gut Evidence, UNuseful Art, & Commons Bashing. From landart truth a dream ‘BIS’ (Body Information System like GIS) leaps out of me, alive & moving me forward, even when walking backwards to test my humanity. & then there was the chicken  & the Egg: As SSW (SuperSkyWoman) I show how to make that chicken at will with a cloth napkin. The egg I had to figure out myself. Was I prescient as SSW when introducing what I collectively knew as TIKYSK (Things I Know You Should Know)? What could be more political than standing up for your beliefs of what comes first?

BIS (Body Information System)

here &
keeps BIS (Body In Shape) for my (Body Information System), bridging the geological past with the Ecozoic future as an EcoSapien.
Good health creates its own political Body Information System. I never wanted to lose my power.

My 2 Learning/UNLearning poems from my first & second year Orientations