The xmind graphic below is an overview of the research I have been undertaking in evaluating the field and its diverse actors that are advocating for animals. You can also view it here. It is easiest to read when you click 'Full Screen'.

This graphic was created to faster communicate an overview of different groups within the animal liberation movement. It is the result of processing huge amounts of information and re-constructing it to be able to compare actors in the field more effectively, as well as communicate these findings in a simple format.

As part of the surveying process, I also processed my recent and historic reflective observations, which can be found here.

The outcomes of surveying and analysing both the trends in the field, and my own place within the field, I have been better able to design my ideas of an 'anarchist agroecology' that are shared on page four.

Resources & References


ALF/Militant Direct Action


Animal Welfarists

Grassroots Animal Rights

Vegan Outreach