Output 5: Learning Review


MSc Political Agroecology

Pre-Capstone Year


Nicole Vosper

March 2015

MSc Output 5

MSc OP5 Overview

Core Report - 1A. Survey

Core Report - 1A. Survey

1B. Survey

1B. Survey

2. Analysis & Assessment

2. Analysis & Assessment

3. Design & Implementation

3. Design & Implementation

Commentary & Supporting Material

Commentary & Supporting Material

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This output is dedicated to my best friend Gilly, who died unexpectedly when producing this output.

Gilly, you inspired me beyond belief. The best mentor anyone could wish for, and a friendship so sacred it makes me feel fully human. I miss you so much. Thank you for your lifelong support, strength and courage. There will never be anyone like you again.

Creative Commons license

Output Specification

Welcome to my fifth output packet. I am a pre-capstone, MSc Open Topic associate with Gaia University, with a strategic focus on political agroecology.

This output was completed December 2014 - March 2015. Its aim is to document, evidence, review and reflect upon the diverse and powerful learning and transformation I experienced in my pre-capstone year.


 This output packet is a container for my learning in these areas and the following pages include:

  • Output overview - An overview of the aims of the output, how it was designed and the various methodologies I used.

  • Survey 1A - Survey of my outputs, key learnings and outcomes. Overview of my designed and actual timelines.

  • Survey 1B - Survey of my key personal, professional, project, peer and political learning and outcomes.

  • Analysis & Assessment - Overview of my analysis processes exploring what I have and have not learnt in my pre-capstone year and why.  

  • Design & Implementation - My design goals for my learning intentions pathway design and the capstone phase of my masters, as well as my conclusion.

  • Reflections - My commentary relating to my Gaia University pathway.

  • Supporting Material - A broad container of links to resources used and further evidence, such as my updated CV. 

Output Design Methodology

This OP was designed using the 'SADIM' design process. I identified what I needed to survey, both to meet the Gaia U requirements, and to meet my own reflective needs.

I then analysed this information (including data, self reflection, comparative analysis) using a number of tools and filters. The design aspect of the process will form the basis of my capstone year Learning Intentions Pathway Design, however I identified several goals that will aid its focus.

I also utilised my Output 5 Tracker Form, where I could capture reflections relating to my learning review. See a copy of the form here (pdf).



Tom Palmer
13 March 2015, 13:48

Great job Nicole, I really enjoyed reviewing your OP. Impressive work!

Nicole Vosper
18 March 2015, 9:55

Forgot to include self review! Here it is.

Nicole Vosper
18 March 2015, 9:57

Peer review for Tommy Lehe attached.

Jennifer English Morgan
16 April 2015, 20:47

Pro Review