Following the stages of surveying and analysis, the next step is to make design decisions based on the processing of your observations.

This page details my goals for the next stage of my learning journey and concludes this learning review process.

Goals for Learning Intentions Pathway Design Process

This OP5 Learning Review process has yielded many observations that I have analysed and explored at a deeper level.

The first output of my MSc Capstone Year, is the Learning Intentions Pathway Design (LIPD). This is where I design my year in more detail, identifying goals and projects that can support my work and own development.

To support this process, I have collated some goals for this LIPD design process. I want to use this LIPD process to:

  • Craft output packet designs that support my personal, professional and project goals
  • Develop affirmations to positively change my thinking patterns that are limiting or harming me.
  • Produce a writing & dissemination system design, that can structure my dissemination efforts (such as blogging) and support me to be able to write a book in my capstone year.
  • Produce a new learning support system to structure my MSc and optimise my learning efforts, including an improved tracking system
  • Design support maps for all of my projects to enable me to identify and access more support
  • To design a forecasted budget for my capstone year activities
  • To produce a design for my own spiritual development
  • To produce a design for my own fitness & health
  • To re-design/optimise my overall managing time & promises system following observations in OP5

Report Conclusion

In conclusion, I can proudly say it has been a life-changing period of transformation. Investing in my pathway with the support of Gaia University has allowed me to build a livelihood based on my personal and political desires. I have improved my self care systems, developed my critical thinking, strengthened multiple skillflexes and embraced a life of purpose and intention.

This report has aimed to illustrate the diverse projects I have engaged with, the key learning curves I have experienced and the outcomes that have been contributed to the world.

It is only the beginning, la lucha continua!

Thank you for reading.

Myself teaching at the world's first Vegan Permaculture Design Course, August 2014. At Brook End in Somerset.