I cannot say a more huge thank you to my Mum, Michele, for all her support and love in my life. Whether its bringing me cups of tea or proofreading my work. I cannot do anything I do without you mum!

Huge thanks to the land where I live, Brook End, for its nourishing and accepting presence in my life.

Thank you to my Main Advisor, Jennifer English, for her ongoing professional support and friendship. Her immense feedback has supported me to stretch and spread my wings more fully than I could have imagined.

Thank you to Liora and Andrew, and everyone else who works for Gaia University. You have crafted the most genius educational model, I am always learning more about its intelligent design. Thank you for creating the most liberating educational experience I have ever interacted with.

Thank you to my associates who I learn from continuously.

Thank you to the love of my life, you know who you are.

Thank you to my friends for your loving kindness, ongoing support and patience with me and my schedule!

Thank you to everyone who fights oppression wherever they find it. Who organises against the odds and who dares to challenge social laws to defend freedom and fight for liberation.

Output Packet Process Reflection

This output came at a very reflective point in my life. Loosing my best friend in January 2015, knocked me sideways. I am still raw with grief. However her passing has brought to the surface all of the expected questions, "What am I doing with my life? Am I living to my full potential? Is my path really congruent with who I am and what I am capable of?"

She was a guiding mentor to me in developing as an animal liberation organiser. I began to question all of my work. If it is 'liberal'. If I should be focusing on animal liberation instead. However I knew from the weight of responsibility on my shoulders, that I am the next generation that needs to pick up the struggle. I know from all of this reflection that I need to increase my focus on animal agriculture and ending their enslavement.

Overall, the output came together fairly easily. I am navigating the design process more intuitively than ever, and I followed my desires in terms of self exploration and assessment. It is a little later than expected however with kindness to myself, this is totally ok seeing the immense grief and life stresses I have experienced in Winter 2014/15.

Next time I will have paid more attention to wordcounts throughout the processing rather than have the constant challenge of editing afterwards.

Responding to Feedback

Unfortunately, I was unable to utilise any advisor feedback as the OP review periods overlapped with this submission date. I hope to utilise feedback in the peer and pro review to improve this output.

Feedback from Peer Review

Associate, Tommy Lehe, kindly gave me some great feedback that I have used to improve this output. This includes:

  • Make the commentary section all together with clearer labels
  • Changing the 50/50 format, as challenging to read up & down for the reader
  • More reflection on interventions in projects
  • Including more reflection in the political section, rather than a list of topics
  • More reflection in OP process reflection
  • Include more specific details on creating this OP that can be useful to others
  • Show more about feedback on previous OPs
  • Include something about dissemination


Mahara, GEL site, Gimp, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Word, Text Edit, Pages, Numbers, Mail, Thunderbird, iCal, iPhoto, iTunes, Digital camera, Firefox, Wordpress, CiviCRM, Scrivener, Adobe, Calibre, XMind, iReminisce, Stickies, Fontbook, Google drive, Excel, Crabgrass, Open Office, Skype, Doodle, Spotify, GPG, Photobooth, Backblaze, iPhone notes, WhatsApp, Surespot. Clearbooks. My notebook & post it notes. Zotero. Cite this for

Time Investment

  • Uncountable hours thinking & reflecting!
  • Approx 20 hours on output creation, minimum.

Gaia U Participation

  • MSc Main Advising Session notes
  • Notes from the Gaia U Calls (Radio & Community) that I participate in
  • During this OP I have struggled to maintain a Guild Buddy relationship that meets my needs. It is one of my priorities for 2015. My guild buddy in Autumn 2014 made a recording of our call as they do not feel able to take fast notes (part of why it wasn't meeting my needs).

Resource Review

Resources utilised during this output packet:

Blogs I read about being more effective:

Web resources I read about how to measure your impact

Links to tracking & assessment tools

 Other links & resources

Books I read during this OP

  • Covey, S. (1993). The 7 habits of highly effective people. North Sydney: Vision Publishing. - Haven't read it fully, however some clear gems in there around delegation, getting things done, asking for support & so forth. 
  • Fritz, M. (2008). The truth about getting things done. Harlow, England: Pearson/Prentice Hall. - Really interesting book that emphasises focus management rather than time management. This heavily influenced me as I chose my areas of focus more consciously.
  • Koch, R. (2000). The 80/20 principle. London: Nicholas Brealey Pub. - Book about the 80/20 principle, again, its all about focus. Putting your energy into the things that yield the most results. This has definitely influenced my decision making as I decided to drop projects.


All my own apart from the photograph of sheep entering the truck, which is by Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals and the SADIM diagram, sourced from here.


Learning Journal Entries

30th December 2014

While many people's new years resolutions might be to work more/focus harder or achieve more. Mine is actually the opposite. To really thrive I need to rest more, garden more, spend more time with friends and loved ones and sleep, sleep, sleep!

31st January 2015

Why am I so stressed out looking at qualifications and worrying that I don't have a formal degree?! Need to remember anarchist approaches to not only distributing knowledge but accessing it. I don't want to be an example to working class people that to be an agroecologist you need to have gone to a top (or any) university. In the next OP - how to learn horizontally, what orgs do we need to support more non-elitist education. 

Is being a professional just meaning you have power over others? What sort of 'professional' do I want to be? What does that look like to me? What alternative ways are there to educate myself? What do I have that others don't e.g. on the ground experience, political knowledge & skills. How can we re-centre growers at the centre of the knowledge commons? What educational orgs are congruent with who I am? E.g. Gaia U, DAPD, visits, self etc. What is free/accessible?

I want to be known for application. Knowledge built through experience, a 'professional' through praxis.

8th February 2015

Worked on CV. Felt really empowering. Have actually achieved so much since leaving prison. What are my goals for the next five years? All about increasing impact of my work. How to do that? 

13th February 2015

Am I just selling goods and services? What alternative models are there? What greater liberatory models are there?! Want to focus more on animal agriculture.

18th February 2015

How to work less? Or be more effective in less time?

19th February 2015

Succession work as an agroecologist. MSc political agroecology - political thinking, organising skills, project management >> Advanced diploma in horticulture - baseline horticultural & scientific skillflexes >> MSc researching holistic approaches for agroecology - research skill set