This page shares my goals on personal, professional, project and political levels. Articulating clear goals is the first stage in the GaSADI design process.

Personal Goals

  • To have anchored nourishing self-care habits
  • To be in a joyful, nourishing, long-lasting relationship
  • To be a competent and skilled kickboxer
  • To participate in a 10k race
  • To have finished by left arm sleeve of tattoos & have work done on my legs
  • To have mastered basic meditation to support my self
  • To have optimum nutrition and a diverse, plant-based diet
  • To continue to invest energy into friendships & relationships with family
  • To have invested in my spiritual development and feel a continuing deep relationship with the land
  • To have a greater connection to the hardcore scene
  • To have regenerative emotional, mental and physical energy and holistic resilience

Professional Goals

Overarching goals

To have a thriving livelihood:

  • Designing & managing innovative, impactful agroecological projects
  • Growing food and plants to share and sell that can restore my local landbase & feed my community
  • Creating radical opportunities for learning
  • Undertaking research that improves people’s lives and moves us towards an anarchist agroecology

As well as:

  • To have a well-visited website Empty Cages Design that generates abundant opportunities and connections
  • To develop my writing abilities and consistently produce high-quality writing
  • To have written my book on anarchist agroecology and secured a publisher
  • To develop as a Diploma Tutor and Gaia U Advisor

Learning pathway


  • To complete the Diploma in Arboriculture
  • To graduate from my MSc with Gaia University
  • To have accessed grant funding & begun the Advanced Diploma in Horticulture (Crops) with ACS Education
  • To have completed the Paulo Freire Foundation Programme
  • To have started (and ideally graduated) with a Diploma in Education and Training

Specific Skillflexes

  • To have a strong understanding of the scientific principles, applied practices and social movement interactions underpinning agroecology and know how to contribute to the field
  • To have completed a training in Keyline design and applied it in a consultancy project
  • To be able to utilise Google SketchUp for land based design consultancy projects
  • To be able to speak intermediate Spanish
  • To have a strong grasp of marketing and implemented it to the benefit of all my projects
  • To develop my social media knowledge and skill flexes
  • To have developed my film editing & photography skills
  • To have developed my graphic design and website design skills
  • To be able to utilise MapInfo or similar GIS system for use in design consultancy work
  • To undertake the soil food web distance learning course
  • To develop my medicine making skill flexes
  • To increase my plant identification and formal botany skills
  • To improve my landscape reading skills
  • To know how to breed plants
  • To know how to save seed successfully at a commercial scale
  • To undertake more advanced forms of plant propagation
  • To know how to grow mushrooms
  • To know how to optimise mycorrizhae in systems
  • To gain skills in nature connection guiding/mentoring
  • To develop my research skills
  • To develop my critical thinking skills


Project Goals

Goals for my Capstone Year Projects

Anarchist Agroecology Book

A book writing project to collate a volume of articles, case studies, pictures and resources from the frontlines of building a new food system while resisting the state, capitalism and multiple forms of oppression.

My goal is to have a publishable body of work prepared by the end of 2016. Before then I would like to build an ‘author platform’, engage in militant research, connect with potential collaborators and then submit a proposal to either AK Press or PM Press (two radical publishers that I highly respect).

Empty Cages Design

I have a number of goals regarding my website ‘Empty Cages Design’ these include:

  • Increasing the number of hits I recieve
  • Better disseminating my work, especially with social media
  • Undertaking more creative projects, such as a photography project documenting ‘liberating landscapes’ (restored systems without exploited animals)

My meta goal is to become a worldwide point of reference for people interested in anarchism, agroecology, permaculture design and plant based systems.

Collective Projects

Please note to make this exercise useful to myself I have only included goals relating to my own personal interaction with these projects, as I feel very aware and conscious of each project’s broader aims and goals.

To gain an understanding of these projects, please find their descriptions on my Output 5 page here.

Feed Avalon

  • To increase the income-earning potential for all members of the cooperative, through initiating further projects and generating other opportunities
  • To successfully access a large amount of funding for the Perennial Futures Project, that aims to increase the amount of perennial-based food production and re-collectivise local land ownership through a community land trust.
  • To attract more consultancy work, especially in our catchment area
  • To undertake more radical, grassroots organising work
  • To design more high-quality, radical learning opportunities
  • To design and establish the Feed Avalon nursery at Brook End
  • To develop Brook End as a permaculture and agroecology demonstration centre, and to achieve stock-free certification status

Empty Cages Collective

See our goals here.

Free to Fight

  • To raise the profile of the BM3 case and increase the amount of support defendants are receiving
  • To create a collaborative publication called ‘In the eye of the storm: reflections on the repression of the UK animal liberation movement’

Reclaim the Fields

  • Work with others to organise an action camp in the UK summer 2015
  • Design new Reclaim the Fields international website
  • Organise solidarity & support for RTF related projects in the UK, such as Yorkley Court Community Farm
  • To support the organising of the UK Food Sovereignty Gathering in October 2015

Vegan Organic Network

  • To contribute regular articles to Growing Green International magazine
  • To open Brook End for a VON site visit
  • To establish a South West Network for Vegan Organic Growing & Farming


Peer & Political Goals

My goals as an anarchist and an organiser are to strategically focus on:

  • Dismantling and replacing industrial and animal agriculture with systems that are life-sustaining and liberatory
  • Building agroecology and food autonomy/food sovereignty
  • Increasing resilience to repression in individuals, groups and movements
  • Resisting the prison industrial complex and working for prison abolition

I have already undertaken large amounts of self-education in these areas. My learning goals therefore are to focus on a number of thematic areas during the remainder of my Masters. These include:

  • How to better organise support campaigns and do solidarity work with defendants experiencing repression
  • Think more critically about prison abolition and all of the necessities of building a ‘prison free world’ e.g. Transformative justice
  • Understand the scale and role of the prison industrial complex in the UK
  • Reflect more critically on my roles as an organiser and their impact
  • Developing my historical understanding of social change, learning more about histories of resistance around the world including in the Spanish State, South & Central America and other areas of the Global South
  • The role of education and more about critical pedagogies
  • History of the state
  • History of agriculture and the social, political and economic factors that contribute to its change
  • History of anarchism and a greater understanding of the diversity of worldviews amongst anarchists
  • How people have collectively managed food production historically
  • Greater understanding of class in the UK, currently & historically  
  • Exploring some of the responses to the questions generated in my output 4 around race, species, gender and class in relationship to food system change (

Specific skill flexes I want to develop are:

  • How to support groups to be more leaderful
  • Communication skills
  • Developing as a facilitator especially around power and privilege/patrix busting in groups
  • Organising events/projects/encounters that are more accessible/inclusive/anti-oppresive and really exploring this on a deeper level
  • Having more effective meetings
  • Learning about new frameworks such as sociocracy, holocracy and so forth
  • Radical honesty
  • Tracking impact and metrics for reflection and evaluation in social struggle