This page shares all the elements necessary to implement my learning intentions pathway design. The learning support system is an essential overview of the resources I can access and how I intend to manage my pathway logistically.

Capstone Year Learning Support System Design

Monthly Spreadshoot Tool

I have learnt through several output cycles that the more in detail I design my workload, the more likely I am to achieve my goals, while still responding to change and emerging themes.

I have created a google spreadsheet that is a easily check-able reference tool to help me remember my focus, plan my reading, identify learning opportunities and organise my resources. There is also a tab for next actions and my budget. I hope to utilise this spreadsheet as a tracking tool also.

Click here to view it (please note it is not included in the wordcount and is for illustrative purposes):


Reading Theme
Reading List
Film & Audio
Key Events & Courses
Land Based Tasks
Project & Organising Work (linked to MSc)

Overview of System

Timeline (Additional Material)

 Capstone Year Learning Support System Design


In conclusion, I hope this output packet has illustrated the design thinking I have used to prepare an ambitious, strategic and achievable capstone year with Gaia University.

By utilising the GaSADIE design framework I have shared my goals, integrated the surveying and analysis work from my Output 5 Learning Review and designed a comprehensive capstone year. I have shared my project plans and output packet designs. I have created unique tools to help me track my own transformative action learning, such as my tracker forms and spreadsheet. I have realistically budgeted my time and money and created monthly focuses to allow me to explore a wide breadth of political exploration and self education.

Thank you for reading my work. Any questions please email