If 2011 was a year of experimentation, 2012 is the year of focus & refinement. I knew intuitively that without dedicating time & energy to a zone 00 re-design I would be not fulfilling my potential. In conclusion, I feel it is clear I have demonstrated the deep internal design processes undertaken to shape this output & my future life plan.

Permaculture thinking has been integrated from the beginning, providing structure & logic for deeply unlinear emotional, spiritual and social layers. Deep hard and challenging personal work has been undertaking scrutinising limiting beliefs, historical patters and deepest fears. The integration aspect of the design process I hope will now lead to a new era of feeling whole, unachieved in my life to date. Through giving these Zone 00 concerns the attention & energy they require, I hope to manifest a new period of abundance, joy & productivity.

Process Reflection

I had never intended to do a Zone 00 design for my Output 4. I had expected to learn computer aided design skills and focus on gaining project knowledge on soil science & agroforestry. However after 6 months of active learning & documentation with the Gaia Action Learning Academy so much had surfaced within myself. Through keeping a journal, maintaining awareness & recording my observations I am slowly learning more and more about what I desire for my life and my goals and direction is forming in front of my eyes.

Creating this output has dominated my thoughts since the end of October. Stacks of self-development books have lined by bedroom floor & reflective time on the land has honoured the time needed to go deep within myself. I thought this design could be stacked with others however I learnt through the weeks that to really re-design your Zone 00 you need to honour it with your full attention. Nothing could be as powerful in shaping your future and this design will no doubt have changed my life. It has been an empowering, fulfilling process that I would encourage anyone to do. The depth & breath of the time & space you journey through, from childhood to modelling future scenarios, has meant time spent on 'Gaia Uni' work has been significant. At least 2-3 hours per day for the whole output period (6 weeks).