Resource Review

General Zone 00 Resources

Websites & Downloads:
Non Violent Communication Needs Inventory
Personality types
Jay May (Gaia Uni associate) Zone Zero Analysis
Pietro's Zone 00 design
Article on overcoming limiting factors
11 ways of staying focused
Article about STEEPLE analysis model

Looby Macmanara, People and permaculture - caring and designing for ourselves, each other and the planet.
John Stowe, Earth Spirit Warrior, a nature-based guide to authentic living
Lyn Genders, Seven Keys to Success, Prosperity & Happiness
Eugene Odum, Ecology: A bridge between science & society
Louise Hay, You can heal your life
David Holmgren, Permaculture: Principles & Pathways beyond sustainability

Getting things done software

People who've supported this design through dialogue:

My partner Nerida, Mum & Ian, Colleague Linda, Main Advisor Valerie Seitz, Gary Finch doing an action learning guild with, Adam & Frank RTF about my radical edge, all learners at Brighton Teacher Training Course, Oak Dragoners & radical kids everywhere

Health & Wellbeing

Websites & Downloads:

Susan Weed (
Chart of Herbs, Healthy bones the wise woman way, How to make nourishing infusions, nutritive & tonic herbs MP3, Using Herbs simply & safely, Staying healthy the wise woman way
The Living Tree Orchid Essences,

Anticancer: a new way of life, Dr David Servan-Schreiber
Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore punk, straight edge & radical politics, Gabriel Kuhn
Stone Age Health Programme: Diet and Exercise as Nature Intended and other books by S.Boyd Eaton
Plant Based Nutrition and Health, Stephen Walsh

Feral Edge - interview with Andy Thurley in Sober Living for the Revolution

Radical Edge

Websites & Downloads:

Derrick Jensen Podcast on Pluto Press website
David Holmgren, Aphorisms for Activists pdf from APC10
Leverage points: places to intervene in a system, Donella Mathews, Sustainability Institute
Liberation Ecology
Liberation Permaculture
Million Gardens

Food Sovereignty, Reconnecting Food, Nature & Community edited by Hannah Wittman
Deep Green Resistance, Derrick Jensen et al.
Rewild or Die, Urban Scout

Learning Pathway


Websites & Downloads:
Ways to download moon cycles for ical

Poppy Palin, Craft of the Wild Witch
Marion Green, A Witch Alone
Priestesses of Avalon, Kathy Jones

Magazine - Reclaiming Quarterly, The Magazine for Witchcraft & Magical Activism, Issue 102, Mid 2011

Personal Finances & Livelihood Design Resources

Websites & Downloads:
Soul of Money
Financial Permaculture article by Jennifer Dauksha-English
Money Tree Matters,
Hedvig's Murray, Diploma apprentice, personal finance design
8 Forms of Capital, Ethan Roland,
Holistic Management & Permaculture Design Holistic Management International, 2010 by Mary Johnson,
Your Money or Your Life Transforming your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence, Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

Gaian Economics Book
Permaculture Teachers Guide edited by Andy Goldring
Darrel Frey, Bioshelter market garden
Writers & Artists Yearbook 2012
A Straightforward guide to Freelance Writing, Stephen Wade
Brilliant Networking, Steven D'Souza
Brilliant Freelancer, Leif Kendall

Learning Outcomes


  • Massive gains in focus & direction
  • Holistic integration of multiple interests
  • Genuine deep self-empowerment & re-charging 
  • Deeper embodiement of the design process
  • Have developed a baseline for my post-license activist strategy


  • Can now add this Zone 00 Design to my design portfolio for my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design
  • Will aid my learning pathway in supporting apprentices to design their zone 00s
  • New design experimentation with Mahara (black & white, simplistic theme)
  • New gains & skills in self care measures such as 'tuneing in' & vision questing
  • Exploration of freelance journalism & business planning
  • Designs for livelihood are structured & ready to go from patterns to details


  • Have developed some new creative design tools, such as the integration table, which will hopefully aid other learners & designers
  • Can submit the design to share with others via multiple platforms 
  • May illustrate to other Gaia Uni associates the possibilities of Mahara


Mahara. Microsoft Word. Inspiration 7.5. Text edit. Gimp. CloverDiary. Wordpress.  iPhoto. Fontbook. Digital camera. Macbook. Firefox. iTunes. Safari. Paper journal & pens. 

Learning Journal Extracts

Please note these are unedited writings from my learning journal, without spelling or punctuation corrections. Their aim is to illustrate some of the inner triggers for my zone 00 design and how this inner feedback helped me to craft my output.

13th January 2012, On train home from Permaculture Teacher Training course

...Or am I starting to feel dissillusioned with permaculture? here we have this amazing design system with the potential to change the planet and its only application is for middle class people to do a bit of gardenign and make things out of recycled waste. When are we going to really push for some systematic social change? I feel myself drawn to the strategic level of permaculture application.... what are the barriers to getting it implemented and how can we design around them? where do we need to increase our leverage? how can we achieve social justice? how can we make our resistance more effective?

here we are so aware of the entropy around us, the soil erosion, the cycles of poverty & abuse (ok maybe only some of us are aware of these) and the best we can do is teach a few hippies about design so they can maybe design their own garden or two and buy less crap?!

and then I guess there's the vegan stuff. like just feel like I don't fit anywhere, there's no explicit ethic of animal rights in the ethics. they're just lumped in the 'earth care' section when I feel there are differences.

28th December 2011

revelation - actually spirituality & 'warfare' go hand in hand e.g. spiritual warriors, this is a key part of the training & a skill I can't ignore

23rd December 2011

Had a really empowering revelation today, feel re-orientated to who I am and what is really important to me. These dark nights have drawn me in deeper, a mixture of PMT, everything with Nerida and her liver troubles, I think all this talk about meat too with having family down.... After the regenAG course I felt quite disempowered, a bit all over the place about what permaculture meant to me. I don't want to work with farmers who farm animals, I don't want to have pleasant meals with them and pretend everything is ok. I don't think its ok to own 3600 hectares of land, I don't care if its regenerative or not. I want to use these design tools to really fucking liberate us, animals, people and the land.

We need to create a horticultural society and I feel like I can play a role in that. A project isn't just ethical if it uses the land well, but i ask, how is the land organised and managed? Is it egalitarian? It makes me feel like the eco-SOCIAl side of my work is massvely important. It makes me feel empowered because I have many of these skills already, I don't need to learn how to use a  yeomans plough, or how to manage acres and acres of land.

I've also had a lot of deep reflection about what being a 'permaculture practioner' means to me. I thought I wanted to do design consultancy work, I guess I attached the most status to it but now I look to models like the bioshelter guy or people that I really respect and honour like Starhawk and AR activists I know. I've had weird dreams recently about wealth-related things, I guess with this job I'm worried that I'll fall into this middle class trap where you become dependent on grant funding and don't actually do anything that is effective, just stuff to make yourself feel good when you're still a sticking plaster.

….. Have I returned to glastonbury to remember my pagan roots?

The fact that I've been to prison, that from day one of my adult (and child life) I've been immersed in the anarchist scene is my calling. I've refused to ignore the roots of social and ecological harm, going passed the dogma of pacifism, career, and all the other models pushed by the state school system. I don't want to be an 'impressive consultant' with lots of rich farmer clients, I want to help create the social change we need, weed out this fucking system and replace it with something beautiful. I master my energy through channeling energy from the land, through my earth centred spiritual practice. If it doesn't smell of the earth it isn't good for the earth.

9th December 2011

Its weird you get days where ghosts reappear, reminders of the past triggered by dreams, letters &  memories. I've had a few conversations recently where people talk about my activism in the past tense. They talk about my closest friends I'm not allowed to see, due to their concern for 'animal welfare' which would breach my license conditions, as if its all history. Well its not, its alive to me. This struggle is in my bones. These friends are in my heart. There's not a day where I don't think of them or the wider animal liberation movement. Yes permaculture is amazing. Yes I think the grassroots design movement will play a massive role in restoring our ecosystems but do I think the human race will so so easily give up their privelage of abusing and oppressing animals? I can't say anymore than that, not allowed to write how I feel about our society and their relationships to animals. Maybe its the full moon bringing everything to bubble at the surface. Lots of listening to hardcore classics today, like this old faded grey track I haven't heard in years:

Faded Grey - Shine
Broken and beaten down.
Opinions test my tired mind.
Your strength
slows my pace.
I've fallen prey to your rat race.

under the weight of what you think I start to bend and break.
I must swim free from this sea of conformity
so I can breath.

I won't hide who I am
just so you can be my friend.
I'll let my true self shine.
Revealing what's inside for all to see.

under the weight of what you think I start to bend and break.
I must swim free from this sea of conformity
so I can breath.

We fight a never ending war
against ourselves in search of something real.
Forces beyond our control dictate they way
we think and feel. [2x]

14th November 2011

I felt a little bit depressed yesterday about AR stuff, just don't know who I am sometimes, on the one hand I feel this massive sense of urgency to act and on the other I know I need to focus on Brook End and creating a livelihood but I just feel my radical edge dissolving. Where was that brown eyed girl who woke up each morning with massive passion and dedication to ending the oppression of animals? Who would go from place to place, working, sabbing, organising, designing... just busy 100% of the time. And now I feel this inertia, like I just want to burst into tears. Questionning if I've ever achieved anything at all and if I'm betraying those beautiful creatures by lieing in bed with my girlfriend or pissing about on the internet. Or if my energy is being drained by things that don't really make my heart beat, like doing morgan's site or this red brick building project.

There has been so much change. In the AR movement, in myself. it's like I'll be getting off license next year and not even knowing where the fuck to start again. How will people relate to me? Will I find a role again or will I be the odd one out? I feel like I need to reconnect with that dynamic life energy that I know is within me. I need someway of keeping myself energised so that I can stay focused at Brook End. So that I can see its role in my life. Maybe I feel this way because i've been in the city this weekend, perhaps I need to re-balance with nerida and make sure I don't loose all my free time to the city streets rather than the land.

23rd October 2011

'whats the biggest and most important problem I can solve with my unique gifts and skills?'

> no other permaculture designers are going to have such strength of conviction regarding animals
unique combination of AR experience and now permaculture
unique experience as social organiser that I can use to build social movement for food sovereignty needed to challenge industrial agriculture
not many people in AR are going to be that interested in land use/perm stuff or even have awareness about land struggles, I can link the two

13th October 2011

Is permaculture design really what I want to be doing? Am I falling into organiser roles because I love it or just because?
Recognising patterns: ever since I've been a kid I was forever organising and planning. I started a little animal rights group at school when I was 10. I loved planning little actions and leafleting, arranging meetings and film showings, doing assemblies, writing, talking about it all. I would create little folders and keep lists. Growing up I began to organise more, always having a busy diary, always talking, learning, doing. Everything else was sidelined. Even in prison I took on a natural organiser role with the listeners group and the garden team, organising my self and planning my studies. Planning projects and campaigns for when i was released. And now that I'm out I've taken on so many of this roles yet again in Glastonbury.

What is it? Is it my inclination to read about how screwed up things are and then to act? Is it that I value myself on how busy I am, giving my self self-worth only on the basis of effective action? What is it about the food system that I want to change? What are my motivations? Is it the veganism? Is it my earth-centred politics? Or the social justice element of food sovereignty? Do I just love the feeling of getting shit done? Therefore to organise more and more I get more and more done. Is the focus on events, articles and interviews etc... is that because they're in the public eye? Is it for status? Do I not get that same recognition for gardening? Why is it that through all this food sovereignty organisng I've hardly mentioned the phrase permaculutre?! Why is it that for my brook end output I've been completely taken over organising for other things (but need to take responsibility for this)?????