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This project report is part of my portfolio at GaiaU. Using the web technology Mahara for a multi-media and -function online documentation. I invite you to explore and self-forage this permaculture design Output Packet following your interests and being guided by the structure of the OP and flexibility of this format.

There are several links - just click on the bold words in the texts - and appendices for in-depth engagement with the topic and presented resources. Read whatever you feel drawn to. I hope it is of benefit for you and the broader ecosocial community.     

Feedback from previous OP's

Referring to the last Output Packets and the great reviews from my peers and advisor. I feel encouraged and inspired to continue my OP creation work. I am building on my previous positive experiences and at the same time integrating the received feedback and pushing my learning edges.  

First of all working on the long-term goal of improving my English, I sought some editing support from native speakers. Many thanks to Rosemary and Joe from the International Learning Village in Slovenia for proof-reading. Then I tried to be even more concise and clear with language and layout, whilst remaining beautiful!

Additionally I wanted to advance the knowledge validation and connect more with other people and their work, while also continuing to strengthen and expand my own support network, seeking the advice of specialists and finding mentors. Finally my projects and journal entries are time specific in order to better understand and follow my learning pathway.

Horses at Hof Herrenberg

Permaculture Design


Designing for Spirituality and Sustainability

M.A. Centre Germany - Hof Herrenberg


by Laura Kaestele

31st of July 2013

Pre-Capstone Phase - Bachelor of Science - Integrative Ecosocial Design

Beautiful forest and incredible living ecosystem

Abstract and Summary

Output Packet 3 reports on the permaculture design at the M.A. Centre – Hof Herrenberg in Germany as part of the permaculture design course with Warren Brush. The project was a team effort that applied the learnings and design methods in a real case, the design and rebuilding of the big hall and surrounding area.

"Permaculture is the art and science of consciously designing human systems to increase quality of life and enhance and regenerate ecosystems - by following the patterns of nature, we can all experience abundance." - Dr. David Suzuki

The project was incredibly rich and I learned a lot about permaculture as a co-creation process for integrative, sustainable human systems. Additionally I could advance my design skills and gain valuable social experiences from the sometimes challenging collaborative group work. The report itself provides a documentation and reflection space for the intense design process during the course in order to deepen and share my learnings, whilst illustrating design tools, permaculture thinking and sustainable systems.

“Just as Nature is dedicated to helping us, we too should be dedicated to helping Nature. Only then can the harmony between Nature and humanity be preserved.” - Amma

Initially I will introduce Amma, a spiritual and humanitarian leader, and explore her work in relation to the permaculture ethics, before outlining the design project in more detail. Then the applied design framework leads through the next sections about observation, analysis, design, implementation and feedback. Highlighting methods and processes I have used to feel and work with land and people. Afterwards I summarize my learnings and project outcomes, ending the main report with some reflections and suggested next steps. 

“Only through love and compassion is the protection and preservation of Nature possible.” – Amma

The following commentary contains pathway reflections, managing time practices, resources and participation records. Moreover supportive evidence gives a deeper insight into the design process and outcomes. Finally I share some journal excerpts and end with reflections about the creation of this Output Packet.

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Laura Kaestele
04 August 2013, 16:48

Attached my self review, still enjoying feedback and getting more experienced with the PoDAPO form. Laughing

Jacki Saorsail
14 August 2013, 11:12

Here's your peer review.  Sorry it's late.  You did a great job!

Laura Kaestele
15 August 2013, 18:00

You can find the peer review of Meredith's OP 4 "Sustainable Synthesis" attached here and also on the front page of her report.

Elke Loepthien
18 September 2013, 3:51

Awesome OP Laura, thank you for such good work!